Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Syria, Iran, Palestine, North Korea and Russophobia

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December 16, 2017
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December 17, 2017

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Iran, Palestine, North Korea and Russophobia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) was premature, saying “(t)he military-political hotbed of international terrorism has been completely eliminated in Syria. The Russian army group has made a decisive contribution to achieving this victory.”

“According to Russian leaders and international experts, this army group has brilliantly accomplished its objective and has helped the Syrian army to preserve Syria as a sovereign and independent state.”

Hopefully things will turn out this way, not yet achieved because
Washington and its rogue allies continue try undermining Russia’s conflict resolution agenda.

Days earlier, most Russian forces returned home, a small military presence remaining in Syria, Moscow ready to redeploy more forces to the country as needed, perhaps much sooner than Putin expected.

Russia remains involved in delivering humanitarian aid to the country, along with restoring cultural heritage sites damaged or destroyed by US-supported ISIS terrorists.

Following Trump’s Jerusalem declaration 10 days ago, protests in Occupied Palestine challenged his affrontary – met with Israeli violence, killing 12 Palestinians so far, injuring well over 2,000 others, arresting and detaining scores, maybe hundreds, of others.

MZ: “Moscow is seriously concerned about the destabilization in the region caused by the US administration’s decision on Jerusalem.”

“We are convinced that the resumption of Palestinian-Israeli talks in order to achieve a lasting settlement of the conflict based on the well-known decisions of the international community are the only way to break the vicious circle of violence and tension.”

For over 40 years, so-called peace talks failed because Washington and Israel reject them – no chance of successful ones as long as Ziofascists control both countries, the disturbing reality of where things stand.

Instead of being productive, they’re exercises in futility each time initiated, accomplishing nothing.

MZ explained that on December 13, the P5+1 countries and Iran met in Vienna, discussing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal.

Six of the seven countries support the deal, America the only outlier. Trump failed to recertify it, perhaps ahead intending to abandon it – creating uncertainty about its future.

Russia “emphasized that neglect of this principle by one party to the agreements threatens the future of the JCPOA, which was endorsed by mandatory UN Security Council Resolution 2231,” MZ explained.

Conditions on the Korean peninsula remain tense because of US provocations, threats, and longstanding hostility toward the DPRK.

MZ: “(T)he US continues its previous misguided efforts to expand military activities in Northeast Asia.”

“In particular, after the most massive in history joint exercises of the US and South Korean air forces were held on December 4-8, tripartite naval maneuvers involving the Japan Self-Defense Forces started on December 12.”

“We are convinced that this ‘muscle-flexing’ does nothing to de-escalate tensions but, on the contrary, is fraught with the most serious consequences for the sub-regional situation.”

MZ commented on a book titled “The bear is coming: On Russia hate, stilted thinking and military blunders,” published in Sweden, explaining Russophobia going back decades.

Its author Mattias Goansson covered a time frame beginning in the 1940s during the Soviet era.

He discussed phony accusations of menacing submarines, “mysterious flashes of light in the sky, odd underwater sounds and serious infrastructure failures…planted” reports to create a nonexistent Russian threat earlier and now, demonizing the country as a “treacherous and aggressive Eastern neighbor,” using it induce increased military spending.

Once the objective is achieved, “mysterious incidents” no longer are mentioned, new ones await to surface, the same aim in mind despite no threat from the East earlier or now.

MZ: “As the author concludes, the current…anti-Russian background has resulted from a long-term, purposeful and systematic campaign directed against Russia, a campaign fomented by quite trivial and venal interests of certain circles rather than ideological or geopolitical considerations.”

“Regrettably, entire regions are falling back on this propaganda model as part of their strategies. Of course, it is disconcerting that, on the one hand, we hear our European colleagues say they are committed to law and media freedom, but in practice they are implementing (disturbing) scenarios” – supporting Washington’s imperial agenda.

MZ is right. As Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, she performs her duties with professionalism and class, focusing on truth-telling – polar opposite her US counterparts.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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