Was Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration Prelude to Greater Regional Wars?

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December 14, 2017
Israel Invites Saudis to Broker Peace While Terror-Bombing Gaza
December 14, 2017

Was Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration Prelude to Greater Regional Wars?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

They continue in multiple theaters. Washington hasn’t backed off from wanting regime change in Syria, its same agenda for Iran, and defeating the Houthis in Yemen – always supporting Israeli aggression against Palestinians.

West Bank and Gaza protests continue, Israel responding harshly, many more injuries reported.

Soldiers kidnapped dozens of Palestinian activists, including Hamas leader/Palestinian Legislative Council member Hasan Yousef, ransacking his home before arresting and detaining him at an unknown location.

Pre-dawn raids assaulted other Palestinians, journalists and human rights activists attacked. Fury in Occupied Palestine shows no letup.

US and Israeli officials knew how Palestinians would respond to Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, yet went ahead anyway.

Was it done to stoke further conflict while pretending to want regional peace and stability? America’s agenda speaks for itself.

Permanent US wars rage in multiple theaters, peace and stability considered anathema, Israel’s agenda like America’s, wanting endless conflict while duplicitously urging peace talks with Palestinians.

Commenting on Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, Law Professor/former Palestinian legal advisor Francis Boyle said Washington “always serv(ed) as Israel’s lawyer,” using “American Jews,” forcing Palestinians to go hat-in-hand to present their case to” US Zionists hostile to their interests.

Nothing changed from earlier times to now, three orthodox Jews representing the Trump administration in dealings with Israel and Palestinians, no ambiguity about where they stand.

“The whole thing has been preposterous from the beginning,” said Boyle. “We have always been in favor of Israel, using lies, threats and intimidation to force the Palestinians to accept whatever the Israelis are giving them.”

America negotiates this way with all countries, making demands, wanting things its way, ignoring the rights of others, along with flagrantly violating international and constitutional law, the same agenda ongoing for generations.

Boyle: “Zionists have not changed their position since the Basel Convention of 1897. They want all of Palestine.”

“What is happening now in Jerusalem is a step in that direction. If you look at the recently leaked so-called peace plan that was presented to Abbas in Saudi Arabia, he was basically given an ultimatum to either accept some tiny bantustan or forget it.”

“It is very clear (Israel) wants all of Palestine, all of the West Bank, all of Jerusalem. They want the Golan Heights and maybe even some more of Syria.”

Washington one-sidedly supports Israel. No matter what coalition runs the country, land theft and dispossessing Palestinians is prioritized.

Boyle’s advice: Invoke the 1950 Uniting for Peace General Assembly resolution, letting Palestinians become a de jure and de facto full-fledged UN member state, “recognizing their capital as East Jerusalem.”

Pursue “a full-court press in all specialized United Nations agencies and affiliated organizations, using all available legal mechanisms.”

“This would include suing Israel at the International Court of Justice, which I have offered to do for them.”

“And of course they have filed a complaint against Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity before the International Criminal Court.”

“According to press reports, they are meeting right now to decide what to do, and Abbas will soon be addressing the Palestinian people.”

Given what’s happened so far, violence is likely to continue, ongoing for the past week against Palestinians protesting for their rights, opposing Trump’s hostile move.

Boyle: Trump’s team “believe(s) in Sam Huntington’s concept of ‘the clash of civilizations.’ They truly believe that they are leading a crusade against the Muslim world. This is being done very deliberately.”

Anything ahead is possible, for certain endless US-led wars of aggression, including in new theaters, likely a fourth Gaza war sooner or later.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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