Iranians Rally Supportively for Their Government

Iranians Rally Supportively for Their Government

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

For the second time since foreign-orchestrated anti-government protests began last week, Iranians took to the streets en masse, supporting their government.

Huge crowds participated in Tehran and elsewhere in the country, far larger than numbers of anti-government protesters, their ranks infiltrated by assassins, recruited to instigate violence, including lethal shootings, nearly two dozen Iranians killed.

Many Iranians blame Washington for days of unrest and violence, Israel likely complicit. Huge crowds turning out on Wednesday included young, middle-aged and older Iranians – supporting their government, hostile to foreign interference.

Many chanted “Death to the US,” “Death to Israel,” “Death to the Seditionist,” condemning Trump and Netanyahu’s support for protesters and rioters committing violence.

On Friday after prayers, huge pro-government demonstrations are again expected.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp head General Mohammad Ali Jafari said “sedition” in the country was quelled.

IRGC forces were deployed to Isfahan, Lorestan and Hamadan provinces to maintain order and protect Iranians from violence.

He said protesters didn’t exceed 15,000 nationwide, around 1,500 or less in each location, a tiny minority in a country of 80 million.

He blamed subversive anti-Iranian elements, recruited to create violence and chaos, “enemies” of peace and stability, against Iranian sovereign independence.

Since the New Year’s weekend, unrest greatly diminished, no casualties reported since Monday.

On Wednesday, Trump ominously tweeted: “You will see great support from the United States at the appropriate time!”

Earlier he tweeted: “The US is watching!” Washington maintains war plans against Iran and other independent countries, updated to stay current – to be implemented at its discretion.

Given Trump’s rage for war and regime change in nations not subservient to US interests, one or more new theaters are likely this year, North Korea and Iran prime targets, his hostility toward these countries extreme.

Attempted color revolution in Iran may be softening up prelude for war to follow.

Replacing its government with pro-Western puppet rule is a key US/Israeli objective.

Will war be launched against its government this year to try achieving it? Will Russia intervene to help Iran, repeating its support for combating terrorism in Syria?

Will China get involved to protect its interests? Is global war an ominous possibility?

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