Will Trump Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal? Prelude to War?

Will Trump Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal? Prelude to War?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since taking office last January, Trump’s geopolitical agenda has been recklessly out-of-control and dangerous.

Breaching international, constitutional and US statute laws, he escalated Bush/Cheney/Obama wars, rejects conflict resolution in Syria, intends permanent occupation of the country and Iraq.

He upped the stakes in Afghanistan, deploying thousands of ISIS terrorists to the country, a pretext to continue endless aggression, perhaps for another 16 years or longer.

He partners with Saudi Arabian terror-bombing and blockade of Yemen, creating the world’s gravest humanitarian crisis, US drones, warplanes and special forces involved in fighting.

He sent US troops to Somalia. Is Libya 2.0 on his agenda, perhaps war elsewhere on the African continent?

He threatened “fire and fury” on North Korea. Is Iran on his target list?

Are likely CIA-orchestrated protests in the country (perhaps complicit with Mossad) a pretext for abandoning the nuclear deal, along with imposing harsh sanctions prohibited under JCPOA terms?

They unfroze billions of dollars of Iranian assets, freed up exports of Iranian oil and other products, let foreign firms invest in Iran, the country permitted to trade freely with other nations, and use the SWIFT global banking system.

US neocon UN envoy Nikki Haley called for emergency Security Council and Human Rights Council sessions on Iran.

She lied claiming foreign interference in what’s going on is “complete nonsense.” So did White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, calling what has clear earmarks of an attempted US color revolution a “popular uprising” – including armed assassins lethally shooting Iranians.

Speaking for Trump, Sanders menacingly added that the international community “cannot sit silent” on what’s happening in Iran.

Vetoes by Russia and China stand in the way of Security Council imposition of sanctions on the country.

At her daily press briefing on Tuesday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the Trump administration has a “wide toolkit…a range of options (to employ) going forward,” including sanctions.

Asked if Trump seeks regime change, she said he seeks “change” for the Iranian people – code language for wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing the nation’s sovereign independence.

Without elaboration, she said Washington is working with allies on the situation in Iran, an ominous sign, allies being Israel, Britain, the Saudis, and perhaps other rogue states.

She lied saying Iran’s “chief exports are violence, bloodshed and chaos” – US specialities, not the Islamic Republic’s.

Expressing concern about what’s going on, Russia’s Foreign Ministry called protests in Iran an “internal affair,” stressing:

“External interference destabilizing the situation is inadmissible.”

In sharp contrast to its unacceptable anti-Iran rage, the Trump administration is noticeably silent on daily Israeli state terror against Palestinians, terror-bombing Gaza at its discretion, and persecuting human rights defenders for wanting historic Palestine liberated from Israeli occupation ruthlessness.

It’s silent about grave human rights abuses in all nations allied with its imperial agenda, along with its own domestically and abroad.

It wants Iranian sovereign independence eliminated, the nation transformed into another US vassal state, its resources looted, its people subjugated.

America and its rogue allies represent the gravest threat to world peace and stability.

Its endless wars of aggression threaten everyone, its rage for global dominance humanity’s greatest threat.

A Final Comment

According to Kaizahhstan’s UN envoy/current Security Council president Kairat Umarov, the SC has no plan to hold an emergency session on Iran.

It’s not on its agenda, Umarov explained, adding if a Council member “raise(s) this issue and (wishes to) discuss it, we will be ready to work on this. (It) depends on (whether) the Security Council agrees on that. I don’t know about the particular schedule. I don’t know how (or) when.”

Commenting on her Facebook page, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman mocked America’s rogue agenda, saying:

“No doubt that the US delegation has a lot to tell the world. For example, Nikki Haley can share the American experience of dispersing protests, tell us details of how mass arrests and the crackdown on Occupy Wall Street were made or how Ferguson unrest was quelled.”

Russia and other countries reject US interference in Iran’s internal affairs and their own.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”



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