Iranian Intelligence Operative in the West Bank?

Iranian Intelligence Operatives in the West Bank?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Aiming to further demonize Iran and stoke greater turbulence in the country, Israel’s Shin Bet claimed it foiled an undercover Iranian military intelligence cell in the West Bank, plotting terror attacks.

Israel pulled this stunt numerous times before, accusing Palestinians of crimes never committed or intended, at times ahead of justifying unjustifiable mass political arrests, wars on Gaza, or other high crimes against the Palestinian people.

Announcements like the one today are usually strategically timed – this one while foreign-orchestrated protests are occurring in Iranian cities, CIA and Mossad operatives likely behind them.

Virtually all Israeli accusations against Palestinians and Iran lack credibility. Why would Tehran give Israel red meat to vilify its government more than already?

Why would it do anything to let Netanyahu and his coalition partners be able to allege evidence that the Islamic Republic wants the Jewish state undermined and destroyed?

Who benefits from exposing the alleged plot – Israel, Washington, the Saudis and their rogue allies at the expense of Iran, Palestinians, and regional peace.

According to Shin Bet (Israeli internal security), three alleged Palestinian plotters connected to Iranian intelligence were arrested – framed victims of Israeli state terror.

A Shin Bet statement lacks credibility, saying “(t)he operation demonstrates the Iranian involvement in encouraging terror attacks against Israel,” adding:

It “shows the forces being sent by Iran to countries around the world, in order to advance enemy activities against Israel.”

Not a shred of evidence suggests it. Plenty of evidence reveals longstanding US/Israeli covert war on Iran.

It includes bombings, funding anti-government groups, supporting Mujahedin-e-Khalq and Jundullah terrorists, cyberwar, targeted assassinations and other provocations.

Last June, twin orchestrated terrorist attacks occurred in Tehran, killing 16, injuring dozens more, targeting key symbols of the 1979 revolution, including Iran’s parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini’s shine – the equivalent of terrorists targeting the Statue of Liberty, Lincoln Memorial or Washington Monument in America.

Iran is victimized by terrorism, not a perpetrator. It’s combating US/Israeli-supported ISIS and likeminded groups in Syria.

Claiming it’s behind a terror plot in Israel is malicious slander. Iran opposes US imperialism, its wars of aggression.

It deplores brutal Israeli persecution of defenseless Palestinians. It’s not behind a terror plot to harm its government.

No credible proof suggests it. Nor are claims about arrested Palestinians up to no good, acting as agents of Iranian intelligence.

They’re automatically guilty by accusation, the way Israel’s appalling injustice system works.

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