US Training Terrorists in Syria

US Training Terrorists in Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia and Iran, along with Syria and allied forces, are going all-out to defeat US-supported terrorists and end war in Syria.

They’re undermined by Washington wanting it continued, aiming for regime change and pro-Western puppet rule installed.

War was launched by Obama in March 2011, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton, continued by Trump, using ISIS and other terrorist foot soldiers, aided by US terror-bombing, massacring civilians, causing mass destruction.

US naked aggression has been ongoing for nearly seven years. Despite important gains on the ground by Syrian and allied forces, liberating thousands of kilometers of former terrorists-controlled areas, fighting continues – conflict resolution nowhere in sight.

Last month, Russia’s General Staff accused the Pentagon of training terrorists at its illegally established At Tanf area base in southern Syria – wanting endless war continued, its claims about combating ISIS a bald-faced lie.

Russian Federal News Agency journalists Igor Petrashevich and Roman Martynovich embedded themselves with Syrian reporters to learn firsthand what Washington wants kept secret.

US forces illegally occupy a 55 square km area in southeastern Syria near the Iraqi border.

Russia’s General Staff called the area a staging ground for US armed struggle against the Syrian government, using ISIS and other terrorists, Kurdish YPG fighters used for the same purpose in northern areas near Turkey’s border.

According to Russian General Staff chief General Valery Gerasimov, US special forces airlifted ISIS terrorists from Deir Ezzor to At Tanf.

Petrashevich and Martynovich said a local Syrian in the area warned them, saying threats to his life followed attempts he made to approach America’s heavily guarded exclusion zone.

They continued their investigative work anyway, meeting with area residents and members of Syria’s military.

They learned about hundreds of terrorists at At Tanf, trained and protected by US forces, taught use of heavy weapons, including tanks, large-caliber mortars, HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, as well as anti-aircraft artillery and missiles – for use against government and allied troops.

Petrashevich and Martynovich learned about UK, French, and Jordanian forces operating with their US counterparts at At Tanf.

They were told about thousands of terrorists in the Rukban refugee camp, the area controlled by US forces, the additional terrorists used as a reserve army of cutthroat killers – to be deployed where the Pentagon and CIA want them sent.

Jihadists in cahoots with Washington gravely harm Syrian civilians in the area, they learned.

A previous article discussed dire conditions in the Rukban refugee camp, US forces preventing humanitarian aid from getting in, over 60,000 Syrians affected – facing starvation and lack of clean water, suffering from untreated illnesses.

Refugees are being recruited to combat their government. Western media ignore what’s going on.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued a scathing statement, saying “(a)ssurances by the United States that its military are allegedly staying on Syrian soil for the purpose of fighting terrorists are unconvincing and open to criticism.”

“We demand that all restrictions on access for convoys of food and medicines be lifted and that humanitarian operations in the area be more transparent.”

Washington ignores demands. The only language it understands is force. Attempts by Russian and Syrian humanitarian convoys to reach the camp were met by warning airstrikes to stay away.

Washington pursues its imperial agenda ruthlessly. As long as US forces remain in Syria, conflict resolution will remain unattainable.

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