US Rejects Independent Investigation of CW Use in Syria

US Rejects Independent Investigation of CW Use in Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Washington opposes truth and full disclosure of CW use in Syria – US-supported terrorists responsible, not Damascus as falsely claimed, the Big Lie repeated with disturbing regularity.

On Tuesday, Security Council members met in open session, the meeting requested by Moscow on the situation in Syria, including new reports of CW use.

A Russian draft Security Council resolution proposed creation of an independent body charged with investigating CW use in Syria for one year, subject to renewal – to be called the UN Independent Mechanism of Investigation (UNIMI).

Its mandate will be “to identify beyond reasonable doubt facts which may lead to the attribution by the Security Council of the involvement in the use of chemicals as weapons, including chlorine or any other toxic chemical, in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

If instituted, the new investigative mechanism will be charged with conducting “a truly impartial, independent, professional and credible” investigation of chemical incidents based on “credible, verified and corroborated evidence, collected in the course of on-site visits” – according to Chemical Weapons Convention standards.

Russia’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzy proposed giving Security Council members enough time to study the proposal before voting on it on a date to be scheduled.

The US-controlled OPCW/UN Joint Investigation Mechanism (JIM) expired last December, a failed initiative, its mission to falsely blame Syria for CW use by US-supported terrorists.

It was established to identify parties responsible for CW attacks. Instead, it blamed victims, not perpetrators. It issued multiple reports falsely holding Damascus responsible for CW attacks carried out by US-supported terrorists.

OPCW inspectors never visited sites requiring examination. Russia called its work sloppy and “amateurish,” based on “a layman’s methodology,” lacking credibility – failing to conform to international standards.

Three times, Russia vetoed US-supported SC resolutions to extend its fingers pointing the wrong way mandate.

During Tuesday’s SC session, neocon extremist Nikki Haley irresponsibly bashed Russia, falsely blamed Syria for new reports of CW use, and rejected Moscow’s UNIMI proposal, as expected.

“(W)e’re not going to accept any Russian proposal” – for an unbiased, independent CW investigative mechanism in Syria, Haley ranted.

Washington opposes truth and full disclosure about its criminal enterprise in Syria – wanting Moscow and Damascus falsely blamed for its high crimes.

That’s how imperialism operates, terrorizing humanity, blaming victims for its ruthlessness.

Haley is a despicable character, belonging in prison, not high office.

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