John Kerry and Abbas Confidant Meet in London

John Kerry and Abbas Confidant Meet in London

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Kerry is hostile to Trump, a staunch Israeli ally, no friend of long-suffering Palestinians.

They never had a legitimate peace partner, especially not in Washington under Republicans or undemocratic Dems.

While Obama’s secretary of state, Kerry’s shuttle diplomacy excluded peace in our time. He endorsed “national divisions,” serving Israeli interests exclusively, Palestinian rights ignored.

Hamas called his peace plan “an American-Zionist agenda which sees settlements devour land, and the Judaization of Jerusalem and holy sites.”

Calling himself “a longtime friend of Israel,” his “comprehensive vision” failed to address fundamental Palestinian rights.

Kerry’s plan let Israel steal more Palestinian land. It let them control Palestinian air, water, borders and resources. It prevented diaspora Palestinians from returning to their historic homeland.

It gave Israel control over Jerusalem. It left Gazans out entirely. It assured continued conflict, not resolution.

His proposed $4 billion economic plan for Palestinians aimed to benefit Israel exclusively.

It was all about attracting exploitive private investment, benefitting Israel alone, imposing greater neoliberal harshness on the Territories than already.

Kerry’s peace and economic plans demanded unconditional Palestinian surrender to Israeli interests – like all previous no-peace/peace initiatives.

According to the Hebrew-language Maariv broadsheet, Kerry and Abbas confidant Hussein Agha met in London, a senior PA official confirming the meeting occurred.

According to Maariv’s report, Kerry told Agha to “hold on and be strong…stay strong in his spirit and play for time. (Don’t) break (and) yield to Trump’s demands.”

Kerry reportedly said Trump may be out of office within a year. He was never a friend of beleaguered Palestinians while a US senator or secretary of state.

His reported offer to help Palestinians and seek international help was pure deception. He never did earlier when in a position to treat them equitably.

He was quoted saying “(m)aybe it is time for the Palestinians to define their peace principles and present a positive plan.”

Only Israeli ones endorsed by Washington matter. Fundamental Palestinian rights are excluded, final status issues never resolved.

According to Maariv, Kerry slammed Trump, advised Agha to focus personal attacks on him alone, claiming he’s solely responsible for the deplorable situation.

False! On any issues relating to Palestinians, Israel calls the shots. Washington goes along. The same pattern repeats each time peace talks are held or considered.

The notion of Kerry or anyone in Washington being willing to help Palestinians end occupation harshness, achieve self-determination and peace is pure fantasy – never before, not now or ahead, no matter which wing of US duopoly power is in charge.

Kerry is like all the rest. He’s an establishment figure, one-sidedly supporting Israel. He’s no friend of long-suffering Palestinians.

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