Czech President a Russian Agent?

Czech President a Russian Agent?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Reelected Czech Republic President Milos Zeman and Vladimir Putin have cordial relations.

Both leaders met in Sochi last November. Discussion focused on strengthening political, economic and cultural bilateral relations.

Zeman praised Russia’s successful military campaign in Syria. He called Assad the country’s “democratically elected president.”

Putin said bilateral relations continue improving. Trade between both countries grew significantly last year.

Zeman said when he visited France, only 14 businessmen accompanied him. Tenfold more came with him to Russia – 140.

He explained “(a)ll systems are operating normally (regarding bilateral relations) as they say with spacecraft.”

He calls war in Ukraine “civil” with foreign support for Kiev putschists against Donbass freedom fighters, my words, not his.

He called the Kosovo precedent justification for Crimea rejoining Russia. He opposes US and EU sanctions on Russia, saying it’s time to rescind them.

He favors Czechs voting by national referendum on whether their country should remain in NATO and the EU.

He slammed false accusations of Russian interference in his country’s presidential campaign and election, saying:

Opposition candidate Jiri Drahos’ accusation “insulted voters, turning them into a mob which can be manipulated by foreign intelligence agencies,” adding:

“Our Security Information Service has officially stated that your allegation is untrue. If the Russian security services had intervened, they would probably have recommended voting for the Communists, but the Communists failed.”

Russia has been falsely accused of interfering in US, French, German and other elections, including the Brexit vote, along with intending to meddle in US 2018 midterm congressional races – each accusation a bald-faced lie.

Zeman is no Russian agent. The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post’s accusation is a Big Lie – demonizing anyone friendly with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

WaPo: Zeman “defends the seizure and annexation of Crimea…denies the presence of Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, and calls for…lifting sanctions on” the country.

Fact: No seizure and annexation of Crimea occurred, no Russian “little green men” in Donbass. Illegal US and EU sanctions should be declared null and void.

WaPo disgracefully accused Russia of helping to finance Zeman’s reelection, no evidence cited.

WaPo: “The outcome of the Czech election is a setback for the West…(I)t is evidence that (Putin) has not restrained (his) efforts to subvert Western democracies through disinformation and corruption…”

“The Czech case is one more warning that Moscow can be expected to target the upcoming US midterms.”

Fact: All the above accusations are pure rubbish – what else to expect from a CIA house organ!

In vilifying Zeman, WaPo claimed he “prides himself on his use of foul language and heavy consumption of tobacco and alcohol, meanwhile benefited from a billboard and newspaper advertising campaign sponsored by unidentified ‘friends,’ “ suggesting Russia to unjustifiably bash its government, WaPo adding:

“That he likely had help from Moscow should be of concern to Americans of both parties seeking office this November.”

No evidence suggests Russia interferes in any foreign elections – something Washington does repeatedly, waging war against democratic governance at home and abroad.

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