Israeli Minister Calls Palestine a Fake State

Israeli Minister Calls Palestine a Fake State

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Ultranationalist education minister Naftali Bennett represents extremist settler interests. He once bragged about “kill(ing) lots of Arabs in my life,” adding:

“The Palestinian issue is a fake issue, just like the notion of a Palestinian state is a fake state.”

“No one in the Arab world ever accepted the notion of a Palestinian nation. They wouldn’t grant them a state.”

“We’ve granted them a state in Gaza and they turned it into Afghanistan in the heart of Israel. We aren’t about to make that mistake again.”

He has prime ministerial ambitions, hoping to succeed Netanyahu one day. He’s militantly racist and hardline, committed to displacing Palestinians, along with backing unlimited settlement expansions.

He supports an exclusively Jewish greater Israel, its undeclared borders expanded, land stolen from neighboring countries and Palestinians.

Days earlier, the NYT gave him feature op-ed space. He used it to preach his hateful ideology.

Blasting BDS activism, he called the organization “a new name for an age-old strategy: demonizing and delegitimizing the Jewish people.”

“By exploiting the language of human rights and distorting history, the movement aims to make the case that the Jewish state doesn’t have a right to exist in the Middle East,” adding:

“BDS leaders wage political, economic and legal warfare to hurt Israeli individuals and companies wherever they can: on college campuses, in labor unions and even in churches. They say they are interested in promoting peace and merely aim to criticize Israeli policies.”

Fact: BDS activists oppose institutionalized Israeli racism, its occupation harshness, persecuting Palestinians, waging wars of aggression at its discretion, supported and encouraged by Washington – both countries partnering in each other’s high crimes.

Fact: Bennett is part of Israel’s criminal class – opposing peace and stability, supporting flagrant human rights violations against defenseless Palestinians.

He lied claiming “BDS leaders…make no attempt to hide that their goal is not changing Israeli policy, but eliminating the country” – a disgraceful comment.

Calling BDS activists “enemy soldiers” turned truth on its head. Saying “(i)f you actively work for our destruction, which these individuals most certainly do, you can’t come into our home” – more despicable lies.

“Israel is a thriving democracy and we welcome people who disagree with our policies,” he roared.

Israel is no democracy. It’s a Ziofascist police state, waging war on freedom against Occupied Palestinians and its own Arab citizens, opposing academic, media and speech freedoms.

Bennett: “(T)he (BDS) movement does not oppose specific Israeli policies or its current government. The goal is to wipe Israel off the map” – bald-faced lies.

BDS activists support rule of law principles and democratic values, Palestinians treated no differently than Jews, not like enemies of the state – fundamental rights affirmed under international law Israel’s extremist government opposes.

Bennett called for imprisoning activist Ahed Tamimi for life – for defending her family’s rights, for slapping an Israeli soldier in self-defense, after being slapped.

He equates BDS activists with Nazi collaborators. He represents the worst of Israeli viciousness, its support for wrong over right, its contempt for long-suffering Palestinians.

No respectable editor would have touched his rubbish. Times editors disgracefully featured it.

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