Mnuchin Promises More Sanctions on Russia, Putin Scoffs at US Bark

Mnuchin Promises More Sanctions on Russia, Putin Scoffs at US Bark

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

A previous article discussed the US Treasury’s sinister Kremlin Report, listing scores of noted Russian politicians and businessmen – subject to possible unilateral/illegal US sanctions not so far imposed.

The report said its not “a sanctions list, and the inclusion of individuals or entities in this report…does not and in no way should be interpreted to impose sanctions on those individuals or entities.”

It “does not create any other restrictions, prohibitions or limitations on dealing with such persons by either US or foreign persons.”

In testimony before Senate Banking Committee members, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said new sanctions on Russia are coming, telling senators he assumes they haven’t seen the Kremlin Report’s classified version, stressing:

“There will be sanctions that come out of this report.” They’ll be based on “a lot of the work the intelligence community did.”

On Tuesday, Russia’s upper house Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachyov called continuing US hostility toward Russia “political paranoia,” explaining it’s “very hard to cure, especially when the patient is reluctant to recognize he is sick and refuses to undergo treatment,” adding:

“The effects are extremely toxic and will upset cooperation prospects for years to come. The relations will never become normal again” in our lifetimes.

US sanctions against Russia and other countries are illegal, ineffective and counterproductive.

Yet Washington continues piling them on, the world community failing to challenge them, notably subservient EU nations, operating like US colonies, obeying their master, instead of asserting their sovereign independence.

On Tuesday, Putin scoffed at the Treasury’s Kremlin Report, saying “dogs bark, but the caravan moves on,” expressing disappointment over his name left off the list, calling it “a pity” to be slighted.

On a serious note, he called the move “unfriendly,” further damaging dismal relations. Russia seeks cooperative relations with all nations.

Washington’s aim is dominating them, naked aggression its favored strategy. US hostility reflects “stupidity,” Putin added.

Its anti-Russia agenda achieved nothing besides risking confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

With apologies to TS Eliot, US imperial madness may end the world with a bang, not a whimper.

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