What the NYT Won’t Report About the State of the Union

What the NYT Won’t Report About the State of the Union

by Stephen Lendman

Headlining “(w)hat Trump doesn’t get about the state of the Union,” The Times bashed him like it’s done since his declared candidacy for president.

The Times: He “cozied up to a foreign power that tampered with an American election…”

Fact: No foreign power “tampered” with a US election, not Russia or any others.

Fact: Wanting improved relations with Moscow should be welcomed, not criticized.

The Times: Trump “assaulted the country’s courts and its law enforcement and intelligence agencies, has defended neo-Nazis, (and) has cried ‘fake news’ while provably lying.”

Fact: Federal courts are stacked with right-wing extremists, Trump supporting what demands rejection.

Fact: Neo-Nazis referred to Charlottesville last August. In response to what happened, Trump said “(w)e condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.”

He was right. Both sides were violent, deserving blame for what happened.

Fact: Fake news is “provably” real, the Times one of its leading proliferators. Claiming the state of the union is “strong” belies reality.

It’s corrupted, debauched, ruthless and menacing, a nation bent on global conquest, no matter the human cost.

The Times: “…Trump was correct to take note of the continued strength of the American economic recovery. He was right to note that the unemployment rate has continued to drop, and that some big employers have been raising wages.”

Fact: Corporate predators and super-rich households never had things better, ordinary Americans enduring protracted Main Street Depression conditions for the past decade.

Fact: Unemployment is around 22%, not the phony Labor Department’s reported 4.1%. Over 100 million working-age Americans have no jobs. Most others have low-pay/poor or no-benefits rotten ones. Most households need two or more to survive.

Fact: The great GOP tax cut heist is a bonanza for corporate predators and wealthy Americans – most others to pay higher taxes when the law sunsets in 10 years.

The Times: “Mr. Trump deserved to take a bow for the degradation of the Islamic State…and for tightening sanctions on North Korea.”

Fact: Russian airpower together with Syrian and allied forces smashed US-supported ISIS. Unilaterally imposed sanctions against all nations are flagrantly illegal.

They’re ineffective and counterproductive, harming ordinary people, achieving nothing else.

The Times devoted most of its editorial to bashing Trump – yet failed to explain he continues what his predecessors began, notably the Clintons, Bush/Cheney and Obama, especially their wars of aggression the self-styled newspaper of record supports.

The problem with America is its bipartisan corrupt system too debauched to fix. Trump is an establishment figure, elected to assure continuity, not constructive change.

Dark forces call the shots. Presidents, congressional members and the courts do their bidding.

Instead of condemning a hugely destructive system harming countless millions worldwide, the Times and other media scoundrels support it.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”



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