Ahed and Nariman Tamimi Ordered Detained Throughout Legal Proceedings Against Them

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January 17, 2018
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January 18, 2018

Ahed and Nariman Tamimi Ordered Detained Throughout Legal Proceedings Against Them

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since illegally arrested and detained on December 19, an Israeli military court judge extended their detentions four times – again on Wednesday.

Mother and daughter face fabricated charges and prosecution for courageously resisting occupation harshness legitimately, committing no criminal offenses.

On Wednesday, military court judge Haim Balilti denied their request for bail.

They’ll remain incarcerated throughout kangaroo court legal proceedings against them, no matter how long they take, no matter their innocence of all charges – concocted to assure convictions and imprisonments, maybe longterm.

Judge Balilti lied saying his ruling reflects “the gravity of the offenses of which (Ahed) is accused…not allow(ing) for an alternative to custody.”

He lied claiming Israeli soldiers treated her “leniently over a long period of time.”

He lied saying “(t)he intensity of her violence establishes a clear rationale for danger and indicates that her actions stem from the promotion of an ideological goal.”

She slapped Israeli soldiers after being slapped, illegally trespassing on Tamimi family property. Ahed demanded they leave.

Calling a stouthearted, small in physical stature, 16-year-old girl half the size of the intruding soldiers armed only with her redoubtable spirit a “considerable danger” turned truth on its head.

Defense minister Avigdor Lieberman calling her a “terrorist” was a despicable lie.

Ahed, her mother Nariman and cousin Nour face multiple fabricated charges, including aggravated assault none of them committed.

Israel commits it numerous times daily against defenseless Palestinians and much worse – including cold-blooded murder at its discretion.

B’Tselem denounced court proceedings against Ahed and Nariman, saying Israel’s “military justice system is not a tool for justice, but rather a central mechanism of repression in the service of Israeli control of Palestinians in the territories,” adding:

Indicting the Tamimis “ignor(ed) the fact that…authorities saw no need to stop or summon the alleged suspects” for earlier activist activities.

Ahed’s next hearing in on January 31, Nariman’s and cousin Nour’s next month.

Commenting on proceedings against his wife and daughter, longtime activist Bassem Tamimi said Israel’s “system is set up to oppress Palestinians.”

Convictions and imprisonments of Ahed and Nariman are virtually certain. Guilt by accusation is longstanding Israeli practice.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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