Council of Europe to Denounce Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration?

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January 23, 2018
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Council of Europe to Denounce Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Founded in 1949 with 47 member states, the Council of Europe (COE) calls itself the continent’s leading human rights organization.

It’s an official UN observer. Its international law experts offer legal advice to nations worldwide.

It established the European Court of Human Rights, enforcing the European Convention on Human Rights, its most important responsibility.

Foreign ministers of member states comprise its Committee of Ministers. Member state MPs make up its Parliamentary Assembly.

The Commissioner for Human Rights operates independently within the COE. It’s independent of the European Commission and European Parliament.

Former Norwegian prime minister Thorbjorn Jagland serves as its secretary general.

On Tuesday, COE members will discuss a resolution presented by the Palestinian Authority to condemn Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, along with calling for greater European involvement in future peace talks.

The resolution states:

“The role of the USA as a serious broker in the peace process was undoubtedly undermined by the declaration of its President on Jerusalem.”

“Europe should increase its role in the peace process, alongside the USA,” adding America “should still have an important role to play based on a renewed attitude of neutrality in this process.”

Last month, in response to Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, Abbas said “(t)his is a historical moment and we must act. The US can no longer function as a diplomatic sponsor and (peace) mediator.”

PA advisor Nabil Shaath added Trump’s move “totally destroys any chance that he will play a role as an honest broker.”

“(T)he mother of all the deals dies here on the rocks in Jerusalem (for) recogniz(ing) a united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

Recommending the Trump administration play a role in the peace process because of its nonexistent “neutrality” on this issue smacks of surrendering to its one-sided support for Israel, sacrificing East Jerusalem as a future Palestinian capital, along with another betrayal of the Palestinian people, including its diaspora population.

The draft resolution also states peaceful conflict resolution between Israel and the Palestinians “no longer seems to be a priority for the USA, for Europe and for some Arab States.”

The draft condemns continued settlement construction, saying it “undermine(s) the feasibility of the two-state solution” – an objective no longer relevant with Israel controlling well over 60% of the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza by its illegal blockade.

On Monday, EU political chief Federica Mogherini said Brussels is ready to play a “central role” in mediating between Israel and the Palestinians, along with Washington, she stressed.

EU nations one-sidedly support Israel, offering rhetorical support for Palestinians alone.

Mogherini’s comment shows Brussels intends going along with the US/Israeli agenda.

It assures continued occupation harshness and subjugation of Palestinians, denying them liberation and meaningful self-determination – off the table like always.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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