Sergey Lavrov’s Straight Talk

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January 15, 2018
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Sergey Lavrov’s Straight Talk

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

I’ve praised him many times, calling him a world-class diplomat, a model foreign minister, a peace champion, world’s different from his deplorable Western counterparts, notably US ones.

Like Vladimir Putin, his remarks are straight forward and candid, unlike Western double talk, saying one thing, intending something entirely different, supporting war, abhorring peace.

At his annual press conference, Lavrov discussed important international issues over the past year, along with Russian foreign policy priorities in the months ahead.

They include combatting (US-supported) terrorism, restoring peace and stability to Syria and Ukraine, preventing war on the Korean peninsula, helping to resolve the unresolvable Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and maintaining the Iran nuclear deal intact.

America’s agenda is polar opposite. On Iran alone, the Trump administration, his predecessors, and their rogue allies “want to conduct their affairs with the use of dictate and ultimatums,” said Lavrov, adding:

“They do not want to listen to the point of view of the other centers of the global politics. Thus, they do not want to recognize the realities of the forming multipolar world.”

“I really hope that our European partners, which, of course, will be subjected to US attempts to tempt them over to its side, will comply with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action without any exceptions.”

“I would like to remind you that (the JCPOA) was supported by the UN Security Council’s resolution and all parties must implement it.”

Russia/US relations are dismal, he said, in words to that effect, Washington going all-out to undermine Moscow’s responsible geopolitical agenda.

Russia, China and other countries are rising. US policies make more enemies than friends. America and other Western countries “are losing their absolutely dominant positions,” said Lavrov, adding:

“New centers of economic growth, financial power, and political influence are emerging… creating constructive solutions, satisfying everyone…”

“(T)he United States, unfortunately, resorts to illegitimate methods…trying to halt the decrease of their role in global politics,” a failing effort.

US-led Western militarism and belligerence threaten world peace. “We are witnessing a devaluation of international law, and the diminishing role of multilateral institutions,” said Lavrov.

America’s agenda, together with its allies “handle matters solely on the basis of dictating and putting forward ultimatums.”

“(They) do not want to hear the viewpoints of other global policy centers and, actually, do not want to recognize the reality of the emerging multipolar world.”

Instead of cooperating with other nations responsibly, their actions are “unscrupulous…stopping at nothing, including the use of brute military force.”

Washington rejects fair marketplace competition, including in the energy sector, pressuring European countries to abandon Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project to deliver affordable natural gas to the continent.

They’re being pressured, bullied and forced “to buy much more expensive liquefied gas from the United States instead of Russian gas,” Lavrov explained.

Moscow is building its pipeline anyway under the Baltic Sea to Germany, doubling its existing capacity when completed.

US sanctions aim to harm Russia’s economy. Its attack on RT and Sputnik aim to suppress real news and information.

Its Olympian athletes are collectively punished because of doping allegations against a few.. Russia must “respond to the hostile actions of the United States” appropriately, Lavrov stressed.

Asked if he regretted Trump’s triumph over Hillary, he said “regretting something which had already happened is not what diplomacy does.” It’s dealing with things as they exist.

Lavrov criticized Washington’s plan to create a 30,000-strong “Border Security Force (BSF)” – comprised of Kurdish YPG fighters and terrorists, a permanent occupying force, an issue discussed in a separate article.

Commenting on Russia’s March 18 presidential election, Lavrov said his mission is serving the nation well.

He’s “not used to doing anything but ensuring effective work of our ministry.” If asked to stay on in the job, he’ll continue performing world-class diplomacy with distinction.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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