WaPo Urges Arming Ukraine to Counter Russia

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January 1, 2018
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WaPo Urges Arming Ukraine to Counter Russia

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Ahead of Trump’s announcement to continue supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons – entirely for offense, not defense, as falsely claimed, the hawkish Heritage Foundation urged the same thing.

Its disinformation report claimed the following:

“In eastern Ukraine, Russia and Russian-backed separatists are continuing a war that has cost over 10,000 lives and internally displaced nearly 2 million people.”

Fact: Following Washington’s coup against Ukraine’s democratically elected government, US-installed putschists launched naked aggression against Donbass freedom fighters, refusing to accept illegitimate fascist rule.

Heritage Foundation: “Russia illegally occupies Crimea. Russia provoked and now supports a separatist movement in eastern Ukraine. Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine is the victim.”

Fact: Crimeans overwhelmingly voted by national referendum to rejoin Russia, wanting a historic mistake corrected. Putin accommodated them. No illegal annexation occurred.

Heritage Foundation: “The frontlines are now relatively stable, and Ukraine is committed to the transatlantic community. The US should supply weapons to Ukraine now.”

Fact: The frontlines are hugely unstable. Kiev forces continue to shelling Donbass. Washington and its putschist regime want fascist rule installed and enforced nationwide, naked aggression their prime strategy.

Supplying more heavy weapons to Kiev assures continued conflict in the new year, precisely what Trump administration hawks want, perhaps a way to stoke confrontation with Russia.

A year end neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post editorial failed to explain that Obama supplied Kiev with heavy weapons straightaway after his administration’s February 2014 coup, aiding the regime wage war on its own people, continuing to the present in Donbass, along with horrendous human rights abuses nationwide and anti-Russia provocations.

WaPo: “The Trump administration hesitated for months over whether to provide Ukraine with defensive weapons, but when it finally acted this week, its timing was impeccable.”

Fact: Hawkish Trump officials never hesitated, Trump belatedly getting around to announcing what’s been going on for nearly four years.

WaPo turned truth on its head, saying “(a)ggression by Russian-led forces in eastern Ukraine rose sharply in mid-December…”

“Heavy artillery and rocket barrages belied the notion that Moscow’s three-year-old intervention in the provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk had settled into a ‘frozen conflict.’ “

“There was speculation that Vladi­mir Putin saw escalation in Ukraine as a way of rallying domestic support ahead of a March presidential election.”

What utter rubbish, typical WaPo disinformation. US-supported Kiev putschists continue attacking Donbass, including its residential neighborhoods. Freedom fighters respond in self-defense when Kiev aggression occurs.

Putin’s name on next March’s ballot is enough to get him reelected overwhelmingly. He’s done no campaigning so far, likely to do little, if any, ahead.

No “Russian offensive” in Ukraine occurred any time since US-installed putschists usurped control. No “Russian soldiers” are in the country combating Kiev, none there aiding Donbass freedom fighters against the illegitimate Poroshenko regime’s aggression.

WaPo: “In authorizing the sales, Mr. Trump reverses the stance of President Barack Obama, who rejected proposals by his advisers and pressure from Congress to provide Kiev with lethal weapons.”

Fact: All weapons are “lethal.” The Obama administration supplied Kiev putschists with heavy weapons to attack its own people.

WaPo is a CIA house organ, reporting what Langley wants published – disinformation alone on issues mattering most.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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