Beating a Dead Horse on Nonexistent Russian Meddling

Beating a Dead Horse on Nonexistent Russian Meddling

by Stephen Lendman

The long ago discredited canard alleging Russian US election meddling fails to die – or fade away the way Douglas MacArthur characterized old soldiers after years of service.

A Sunday neocon/CIA-connected WaPo piece claimed Friday’s Mueller investigation indictments “only scratch(ed) the surface of a widespread conspiracy.”

They were much ado about nothing, except for their political and geopolitical significance, continuing endless Russia bashing – proving more about America’s debauched state than the Kremlin.

WaPo: “Friday’s indictment(s) (left) a number of (questions) unanswered, including the most obvious: Were Trump campaign officials involved, or Donald Trump himself?”

“The indictment does not answer that question” because no evidence suggests improper or illegal Trump team/Russia connections, no Russian meddling in America’s electoral process.

If otherwise, it would have come out long ago, supported by documented hard facts – none revealed because none exist.

WaPo: “The scope of the alleged efforts to tip the election toward Trump, and otherwise to meddle in US politics – both before and after the election – is breathtaking.”

“We may never know whether the outcome of the election was actually affected (contrary to what Trump claims, the indictment doesn’t answer that question either), but the charges provide a devastating account of the extent off Russian efforts.”

Fact: A daily blitzkrieg of phony allegations and accusations is “breathtaking,” along with a menace to humanity in Washington, not Moscow.

“(T)he charges provide a devastating” indictment of deep-seated US ruthlessness, stopping at nothing to vilify a sovereign independent state threatening no one, uninvolved in election meddling or other dirty tricks, whitewashing its own high crimes, blaming them on others.

WaPo: “The indictment…resolves any debate over whether” Russia was involved in a conspiracy “to defraud the United States…”

Fact: It provided more proof of US criminality, nothing about Moscow wrongdoing.

WaPo: “(T)he great unanswered question is whether the conspiracy included anyone involved in the Trump campaign.”

Fact: Not a shred of evidence suggests improper or illegal Trump team collusion with Russia to defeat Hillary or for any other purpose – nothing.

Will more phony indictments follow? Dark forces in Washington want things dragged out as long as possible, maybe continuing in one way or other throughout Trump’s tenure, aiming to oust him from office, a diabolical plot against an elected president for defeating media darling Hillary.

WaPo: “…Mueller’s knowledge of Russian interference is extensive…”

Fact: Mueller only knows what he invented to keep sham witch-hunt Russiagate investigations going – nothing a credible tribunal would accept as valid.

WaPo claimed “Mueller’s inquiry (isn’t) politically motivated.” It’s politically and geopolitically debauched, a colossal sham media scoundrels disgracefully support.

WaPo: “The indictment alleges an astonishing conspiracy. It remains to be seen just how widespread the conspiracy was, and whether there were criminal efforts to cover it up. Mueller may be just getting started.”

A conspiracy indeed – against rule of law principles, truth and full disclosure, a sovereign independent nation uninvolved in meddling in America’s electoral process.

It’s a conspiracy against the US public, conning people to believe the worst about Russia – based solely on unfounded accusations and allegations.

It’s added proof of America’s debauched state, a real evil empire threatening everyone everywhere.

A Final Comment

According to Facebook’s vice president of advertising Rob Goldman, “(t)he majority of the Russian ad spend happened AFTER the election.”

“We shared that fact, but very few outlets have covered it because it doesn’t align with the main media narrative of Trump and the election.”

Their advertising and other social media remarks were exercises in free expression, not a conspiracy to benefit Trump, not meddling in America’s electoral process.

Mueller knows it, but indicted 13 Russian nationals and entities anyway, knowing they committed no crimes.

His actions indict himself for wrongdoing, not them – media scoundrels along with them for proliferating disinformation on this issue repeatedly.

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