Netanyahu Confidant Incriminates Him in Testimony?

Netanyahu Confidant Incriminates Him in Testimony?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Longstanding Netanyahu civil wrongdoing is increasingly coming back to haunt him.

He’s been unaccountable for so much for so long. Are his days in office numbered?

Former Israeli Communications Ministry director Shlomo Filber agreed to turn state’s witness against him – in return for a light sentence for his own wrongdoing, including no imprisonment.

It involves so-called Case 4000, discussed earlier. Filber was reportedly complicit with Walla news owner/controlling shareholder of Bezeq telecommunications company Shaul Elovitch in arranging favorable news coverage for Netanyahu and his wife Sara, in return for hundreds of millions of shekels in financial benefits and regulatory relief to let the company consolidate to more dominant size – bribery if evidence proves it.

On Tuesday, a reported deal was reached between Filber and police. As close Netanyahu confidant for years, and former Communications Ministry director when alleged Netanyahu bribery occurred, he knows amounts paid to telecommunications companies for what purpose, and who ordered payments.

He’s got plenty to say if he tells all. Last summer, when asked if Netanyahu requested him to benefit Bezeq financially, he said he “never talked to him about these things. This subject never came up in our conversations.”

He lied. To save his neck from imprisonment, he’ll now testify against Netanyahu – reportedly to explain he was instructed to provide financial and regulatory benefits to chief Bezeq shareholder Elovitch.

Netanyahu holds multiple portfolios, earlier serving as communications minister when alleged illicit dealings with Filber and Elovitch occurred.

He consistently denies charges against him – perhaps heading for indictment and imprisonment ahead if testimonies against him by credible witnesses hold up.

He’ll still remain unaccountable for his most serious wrongdoing, Nuremberg-level high crimes against Palestinians and neighboring countries – longstanding ones committed by all Israel leaders, none ever punished.

For now, he remains in power. Will damning evidence bring him and wife Sara down?

They’ve gotten away with too much for too long. Palestinians most of all will welcome Bibi’s fall from grace if it’s coming.

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