Is US War on Russia Inevitable?

Is US War on Russia Inevitable?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Bilateral relations are the most dismal in memory. US anti-Russia political and economic war rages.

Is it just a matter of time before things turn hot? Washington surrounded Russia with military bases.

US-led NATO forces are deployed near its borders. Provocative military exercises occur regularly – rehearsals for war.

Russian diplomatic staff members were expelled from America. Its diplomatic properties were illegally seized, its English language media forced to register as foreign agents.

Russia was falsely accused of “aggression” in Ukraine. Multiple rounds of illegal sanctions were imposed on its public and private officials and entities.

False accusations of Russian US election meddling persist. Disinformation, Big Lies and fake news about the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin drown out truth-telling.

Americans are manipulated to despise fear a country threatening no one, wanting cooperative relations with America and all other nations, undermined by US imperial madness.

Bipartisan officials in Washington are near-unanimously hostile to Russia – because of its sovereign independence and opposition to America’s imperial agenda, waging endless wars on humanity.

What’s going on can’t continue without something much more serious erupting. Unthinkable war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers is possible, maybe likely if US hostility persists.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert directed US ambassadors to urge leaders of their host countries to sever economic relations with Russia, to cease mutual cooperation, according to Sergey Lavrov, saying:

“Just yesterday the US State Department spokesperson proudly said in public that all American ambassadors in all countries of the world without exception have strict instructions: to go and demand every day that certain states do not cooperate with Russia,” adding:

“That’s because the US slapped sanctions on Russia. I think it’s enough to just hear this fact to understand on what principles the Americans build their relations with foreign countries.”

At her Tuesday press briefing, Nauert said “we have sent out ALDAC (all diplomatic and consular posts) cables to all of our posts around the world, where those posts have been instructed to speak with their host governments about the new CAATSA law (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act).”

“In explaining to those countries, here’s what you could face if companies, if individuals are involved in these sorts of activities that meet a certain threshold that would contribute positively to Russia’s defense and intelligence and other sectors that are similar to those.”

“So we’ve been communicating with our posts. We’ve been communicating with likeminded governments. We have hundreds of people around the world who are working on sanctions activity each and every day not just at the State Department, but also at Treasury and other departments as well.”

Nauert failed to explain all US unilateral sanctions on Russia and other countries are flagrantly illegal – imposed illegitimately for political reasons, unrelated to alleged malign activities.

They’re used as imperial weapons to marginalize, weaken, contain and isolate targeted countries, a strategy for regime change by color revolutions or naked aggression – hostile actions honest observers condemn.

How far will America go? How much is it willing to risk to accomplish its diabolical aims?

Is nuclear war inevitable? Will America’s rage for dominance destroy life on earth? Are we doomed because of its imperial madness?

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