State Department Anti-Russia/Anti-Syria Big Lies

State Department Anti-Russia/Anti-Syria Big Lies

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Ambassadors and spokespeople are paid to lie for their governments – substituting disinformation for truth-telling.

During her Thursday press briefing, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert delivered a litany of Big Lies about Russia and Syria, a disgraceful display, repeated almost daily.

Commenting on Ukraine, she repeated Big Lies begun in the aftermath of Washington’s coup against its democratic leadership and government, replacing it with fascist tyranny, saying:

“Russia continues to perpetuate a conflict that has now claimed more than 10,000 lives.”

“Russia manufactured this conflict in 2014 and continues to control its proxy forces in Donbas.”

“Russia has demonstrated repeatedly that it can stop the violence whenever it chooses.”

“The United States once again calls on Russia to order its proxy forces to implement a complete ceasefire, to withdraw its forces and heavy weapons from eastern Ukraine, and to agree to a robust UN peacekeeping mission.”

Fact: Washington bears full responsibility for the 2014 coup, along with supporting and encouraging Kiev aggression against its own citizens in Donbass.

Fact: Washington “manufactured this conflict,” not Russia. No Russian “proxy forces” operate in Donetsk and Lugansk, the breakaway republics supporting democracy in Ukraine, rejecting US-supported fascist tyranny.

Fact: The Trump administration alone “can stop the violence whenever it chooses,” not Russia.

Fact: Ceasefire and conflict resolution are unattainable because Washington wants endless war continued, supplying Kiev putschists with heavy weapons, used to kill civilians.

Fact: No “Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and Crimea” occurred earlier, nor any now.

Commenting on Eastern Ghouta, Nauert turned truth on its head, disgracefully blaming Syria, Russia and Iran for high crimes committed by al-Nusra and other terrorists Washington supports.

Nauert: “Russia bears a unique responsibility for what is taking place there. Without Russia backing Syria, the devastation and the deaths would certainly not be occurring.”

Fact: Naked aggression by Washington, NATO and their rogue allies bears full responsibility for carnage, mass destruction, and atrocities in Syria – committed by US-led terror-bombing and terrorists used as imperial foot soldiers.

Russia deserves high praise for establishing four de-escalation zones in Syria.

Washington and its rogue allies continue undermining them by supporting ISIS and other terrorists – in Eastern Ghouta and elsewhere.

Nauert denigrated Russian good faith efforts for conflict resolution. She disgracefully criticized the Astana process instead of praising it.

She bashed Russia for aiding Syria combat cutthroat killer terrorists – backed by Washington, she failed to explain.

Saying America is in Syria “to fight ISIS” is a bald-faced lie – the pretext Washington uses to occupy northern and southern Syrian territory, used as platforms for naked aggression.

Nauert slammed RT and Sputnik, asking “(w)hat are they doing to stop the devastation, the deaths, and the murders that are taking place in Syria?”

Washington, its rogue allies, and terrorist foot soldiers bear full responsibility for failure to achieve conflict resolution in Syria – not Moscow, Damascus or Tehran.

Not RT or Sputnik, reporting accurately on what’s going on, world’s apart from Western media – propaganda machines for endless imperial wars, carnage and human suffering.

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