Syrian Operation to Liberate Eastern Ghouta

Syrian Operation to Liberate Eastern Ghouta

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Damascus countryside area is the last major US-supported terrorist stronghold in the country.

On Sunday, a long overdue battle to liberate the enclave was launched. Syrian forces way outnumber and outgun al-Nusra and other terrorist groups, holding countless thousands of Syrian civilians hostage, using them as human shields.

Earlier Syrian and allied offensives liberated Aleppo and other cities from control by US-supported terrorists.

The battle for Eastern Ghouta is being waged for the same purpose, an important operation, aiming to free Syrian civilians trapped for years under occupation by criminal gangs of cutthroat killers, falsely called “rebels.”

Syria’s elite Tiger Forces are involved in the campaign. Along with other government forces, they’re part of so-called Operation Damascus Shield – launched with thousands of troops.

The goal is liberating Eastern Ghouta from its terrorist infestation – eliminating them and/or forcing their surrender from a 60-square mile pocket in the Damascus countryside.

Triumph will also end shelling and mortar rounds launched on Damascus. It’ll free up more government forces for anti-terrorist operations in Idlib province.

South Front reported Operation Damascus Shield will be led by Syrian Tiger forces, its Republican Guard, “the 14th Division (SF) and the 4th Armoured Division (Ghiath Forces – 42nd Brigade)…backed by the National Defense Forces, Tribal Forces…Galilee Forces,” and other military units.

Up to 15,000 Syrian troops were mobilized for the operation, supported by government and Russian airpower.

Al-Nusra and other Eastern Ghouta terrorists operate from underground tunnels and fortified sites. Defeating them will take time.

Separately on Friday during a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Trump lied saying “(w)e’re (in Syria) for one reason: to…get rid of ISIS and go home,” adding:

“We’re not there for any other reason and we’ve largely accomplished our goal.”

He only knows what’s he’s told. The Pentagon, CIA, Israel, and other rogue US allies support ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Russia, Syria, Hezbollah and Iranian military advisors alone deserve credit for eliminating most of their fighters – Washington training new ones in southern Syrian occupied territory.

It’s unclear if Trump was informed about what’s going on. He delegated warmaking to hawkish generals, operating ad libitum on their own, perhaps only telling him what they want him to know.

His remarks about US war theaters combine disinformation and likely ignorance of reality on the ground.

He’s commander-in-chief of US military forces largely in name only – with his finger on the nuclear trigger he may squeeze against one or more countries while in office.

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