Russia Vetoes Anti-Iran SC Res. on Yemen

Russia Vetoes Anti-Iran SC Res. on Yemen

by Stephen Lendman

On Monday, a US-supported, UK-draft Security Council resolution falsely claimed Iran has been supplying Houthi fighters in Yemen with weapons.

Illegal US/Saudi land, sea and air blockade of the country prevents most everything from entering the country except what they permit.

Earlier Nikki Haley’s claims about Iranian-supplied weapons to Houthis were bald-faced lies – part of longstanding US anti-Iran propaganda.

In December, she held a by invitation only press conference at Joint (US Air Force/Naval Support) Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB), located in southeast Washington, DC.

Using props lacking credibility, she claimed “evidence of missiles, conventional arms, and explosive boats of Iranian origin used by” Houthi fighters in Yemen.

The UK draft resolution included an intention to pursue further measures against Tehran regarding weapons violations it didn’t commit.

In vetoing the resolution, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzya said Moscow disagrees with “unconfirmed conclusions and reports that should be double-checked and discussed by the sanctions committee,” adding:

Russia “is fundamentally against technical extension of sanctions committees’ export groups being politicized and used for solving not technical and expert tasks, but geopolitical ones.”

Adoption of the UK resolution would have “fractur(ed) (the) Security Council and sowed discord at a time when the (SC) is in dire need of closing its ranks.”

An alternate Russian-drafted SC resolution on Yemen was adopted, extending sanctions in place on the country until February 2019 – omitting mention of Iran.

US/Saudi war on Yemeni Houthi fighters has been ongoing since March 2015, creating the world’s most severe humanitarian crisis, affecting millions of Yemenis.

America, Britain and other Western countries notoriously supply Riyadh with billions of dollars of sophisticated weapons and munitions.

They’re used for homeland repression, arming ISIS and other regional terrorists, along with waging naked aggression on Yemen – war and human deprivation ongoing with no end in prospect.

Iran is the region’s leading proponent of peace and stability. America, NATO, Israel, and their rogue allies are serial aggressors – hostile to peace and stability.

Iran earlier denounced false accusations about supplying weapons to Houthis, saying:

Claims are “irresponsible, provocative and destructive. This purported evidence…is as much fabricated as (what was) presented on some other occasions earlier.”

“These accusations seek also to cover up for the Saudi war crimes in Yemen, with the US complicity, and divert international and regional attention from the stalemate war of aggression against the Yemenis.”

With US support and encouragement, Riyadh continues committing high crimes in Yemen, civilians mostly affected.

Nothing in the SC resolution condemned its aggression, nothing holding its regime accountable, along with Washington – both countries partnering in devastating war on Yemen.

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