Nikki Haley Insults Palestinians and Humanity

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February 21, 2018
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February 21, 2018

Nikki Haley Insults Palestinians and Humanity

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Tuesday, Haley responded to Abbas’ Israeli/Palestinian peace plan presented to Security Council members.

Discussed in a same-day article, it’s a just solution to a half century of illegal occupation and repressive apartheid – yet unattainable because Washington and Tel Aviv want endless conflict, violence and chaos, not peace, stability, and Palestinian liberation.

That’s the core issue the world community fails to address, letting Israel get away with murder and much more, Palestinian welfare ignored, along with core international law principles.

Abbas’ proposal to Security Council members fell on deaf ears. He wasted his breath. Without joint US/Israeli approval, no peace plan will be accepted.

Since Oslo a generation ago raising false hopes, conditions for long-suffering Palestinians got far worse, not better – much of their land stolen, their people ruthlessly oppressed, many killed in cold-blood, countless thousands incarcerated as political prisoners.

Gazans endured three Israeli wars of aggression in the last decade, the Strip shelled and terror-bombed at the IDF’s discretion, another war increasingly possible – maybe a diversionary tactic for Netanyahu to change the subject away from his possible indictment on multiple counts of bribery and breach of trust.

Following his remarks, Abbas walked out of the Security Council chamber, refusing to listen to Nikki Haley’s reply.

She disgraces her high office, complicit in US high crimes for supporting them.

Her remarks didn’t surprise. She lied saying Palestinians haven’t been “doing the hard work and making the necessary compromises (to) achieve anything.”

Decades of Palestinian proposals for equity and justice were dismissed out of hand by Washington and Israel – supporting continued occupation, opposing Palestinian self-determination.

Haley: “(T)he United Nations spends an altogether disproportionate amount of time on Israeli-Palestinian issues.”

“The problem is that the UN has proven itself time and again to be a grossly biased organization when it comes to Israel.”

Fact: The UN failed to achieve Palestinian liberation. It failed to condemn Israeli wars of aggression. Its leadership one-sidedly supports Israel, especially in recent decades.

America, Britain and France, as permanent Security Council members with veto power, along with Israel bear full responsibility for rejecting Palestinian liberation.

Haley blamed the world body, disgracefully claiming it “elevat(ed) tensions and…grievances between the two parties,” adding:

“(T)he vast scope of the challenges facing the region dwarf the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” – Haley failing to admit US and Israeli responsibility for endless regional wars, related violence and chaos, along with their rogue allies.

Haley: “In Yemen, there is one of the worst humanitarian disasters” – because of US/Saudi aggression, she left unexplained.

Haley: “In Syria…Assad…is using chemical weapons to gas its own people. This war has taken the lives of over half a million Syrians.”

Obama launched naked aggression on Syria in 2011, a war Trump escalated for regime change and destruction of Syrian sovereignty, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers.

America and its rogue allies bear full responsibility for years of war – the highest of high crimes against a beleaguered people.

Throughout the conflict, US-supported terrorists alone used CWs, Pentagon contractors instructing them on their use.

Syria destroyed its CW stockpile, confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. No evidence suggests its forces used them at any time throughout years of war.

Hezbollah in Lebanon is not a terrorist organization, as Haley falsely claimed. It’s a legitimate part of the country’s government.

It’s combating terrorists in Syria Washington, Israel and their rogue allies support.

Iran is not a “terrorist-sponsoring” nation like America and Israel, as Haley claimed.

“These immense security and humanitarian challenges throughout the region should occupy more of our attention,” she blustered.

The way to do it is by forcefully challenging US-led aggression.

Haley: “Both sides have suffered greatly” in the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

She’s insufferable, insolent, stupid, and uncaring about decades of Palestinian suffering – Israel partnered with Washington bearing full responsibility.

Haley: Israel “contributes much to the world…”

Israel threatens regional and world peace, a ruthless apartheid regime, oppressing Palestinians for decades, attacking its neighbors at its discretion.

Haley trashed Security Council Res. 2334, adopted in December 2017 by a 14 – 0 vote, Washington abstaining.

Its language was clear and unequivocal, explaining settlements have “no legal validity and constitute a flagrant violation under international law.”

It demanded “Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.”

It recognized no territorial changes “to the 4 June 1967 lines, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties through negotiations.”

It “(c)alled upon all States, to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967.”

It “(c)alled for immediate steps to prevent all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror, as well as all acts of provocation and destruction, calls for accountability in this regard…”

The resolution conforms to longstanding international law, binding on all nations.

Haley disgracefully called it “wrong on many levels” – a bald-faced lie.

She turned truth on its head claiming the Trump administration supports the Palestinian people “in the cause of peace…prosperity and co-existence.”

What utter rubbish!

All US administrations one-sidedly allied with Israel bear full responsibility for Palestinian suffering – for their fundamental rights denied, for maintaining occupation harshness bondage.

Haley lied claiming “negotiation and compromise” can achieve conflict resolution.

The so-called “peace process” is a colossal hoax – the greatest sham in modern times, dead-on-arrival each time new talks begin, because Washington and Israel want continued conflict and chaos, not peace, stability and Palestinian liberation.

Haley is part of the problem, its world body representative, supporting its destructive imperial agenda for unchallenged global dominance, rejecting world peace, stability, equity and justice for all.

She’s a political prostitute, disgracing the office she holds – a war criminal belonging in prison, not high office.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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