Sergey Lavrov in Munich

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February 19, 2018
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February 19, 2018

Sergey Lavrov in Munich

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

His stature is unequalled by Western counterparts – supporting imperial lawlessness Lavrov, Putin and Russia reject.

Sunday at the Munich Security Conference, Lavrov recalled Putin’s memorable 2007 address at the forum, discussed in an article last week.

US and other Western leaders hostile to Russia considered his address “a challenge and even a threat, although what his message emphasized above all was the need to renounce unilateral action in favor of honest cooperation based on mutual respect, international law, joint assessment of global problems and collective decision-making,” Lavrov explained, adding:

His warnings about “the negative consequences of attempting to obstruct the emergence of a multipolar world have become reality.”

Endless US-led wars of aggression in multiple theaters show his important remarks fell on deaf ears in Washington and most NATO country capitals.

“…Cold War institutions (failed) to adapt to new realities,” the world far less safe today than a decade earlier.

Unacceptable NATO expansion eastward to Russia’s borders risks direct confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

The Russia/NATO Founding Act (1998) and Rome Declaration on Russia/Alliance relations (2003) were supposed to herald “a joint commitment to guarantee security on the basis of respect for each other’s interests, to strengthen mutual trust, prevent a Euro-Atlantic split and erase dividing lines,” Lavrov explained.

It didn’t happen because US-dominated NATO pursues endless wars of aggression, rejecting peace and stability.

Lavrov rejected false Western accusations about Russian efforts “to undermine the so-called ‘liberal world order.”

He slammed a US-led Western created “global model…pre-programmed for crisis right from the time when this vision of economic and political globalization was conceived primarily as an instrument for ensuring the growth of an elite club of countries and its domination over everyone else.”

Russia’s agenda is world’s apart from US-dominated NATO – seeking world peace and mutual cooperation among all nations, opposing endless wars of aggression.

“We are appalled…that the EU is unable to muster enough strength and give up its Russian policy based on the least denominator principle where fundamental and pragmatic interests of its member states are being sacrificed to” US-created Russophobic hysteria, said Lavrov, adding:

“We look forward to seeing common sense take the upper hand,” overcoming today’s divisive environment.

Russia seeks cooperative relations with all countries based on “pragmatism, mutual respect, and understanding of (the world community’s) responsibility for global stability.”

Failure to achieve this lies in Washington, not Moscow, pursuing conflicts over dialogue and a commitment to world peace.

Lavrov concluded by quoting mid-19th century Russian Foreign Minister Alexander Gorchakov, saying “there are no such divergent interests that cannot be reconciled through zealous and hard work…in the spirit of fairness and moderation,” Lavrov adding:

“If everyone could subscribe to such an approach, we’d be able to quickly overcome the post-truth period, reject hysterical information wars imposed on the international community, and proceed to keep up the honest work without being distracted by lies and falsehoods.”

“Let this be a post-fake era.”

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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