Trump and Netanyahu Plot Next Moves

Trump and Netanyahu Plot Next Moves

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Monday in Washington, Trump and Netanyahu met for the fifth time, discussing their imperial agenda, their partnership in regional wars of aggression, their strategy for what’s planned.

Reported topics included changes they both want in the Iran nuclear deal not forthcoming. Trump threatened to abandon the JCPOA without them.

Tehran’s ballistic missile program is a related issue, entirely legal, not prohibited by the nuclear deal.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Brian is in Tehran discussing it.

On Monday during their meeting, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said “Europe must put the US under pressure to implement its commitments and not allow the US to make illogical and unlawful demands despite its lack of commitment and violations,” adding:

“Washington has not only failed to fully comply with its obligations, but even barred Europe from fulfilling its own commitments.”

Iran’s ballistic missile program is solely for defense and deterrent purposes, he stressed. It won’t be compromised or undermined to suit Washington and its imperial partners.

Iran’s Deputy Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Massoud Jazayeri stressed no negotiation will be held with Washington and European countries on its legitimate ballistic missile program.

Addressing a quarterly IAEA board of governors meeting in Vienna, director-general Yukiya Amano explained “Iran is (fully) implementing its nuclear-related commitments,” adding:

“If the JCPOA were to fail, it would be a great loss for nuclear verification and for multilateralism.”

Netanyahu and Trump also reportedly discussed Washington’s no-peace/peace plan legitimizing apartheid – blaming Palestinians for refusing to bow to their will.

Syria was a key topic. Netanyahu urged a permanent US presence in the country, what Washington intends, no matter its illegality.

Netanyahu lied calling Iran “the biggest challenge” to Washington and Israel. He lied claiming it “has not given up is nuclear ambitions.”

He lied saying the nuclear deal “emboldened” Iran to pursue “aggression everywhere, including (along) our own border.”

He lied claiming Tehran wants Israel destroyed. He lied saying Israel seeks regional peace.

In his Monday AIPAC address, Mike Pence threatened Iran, saying the Trump administration will abandon the nuclear deal if (unacceptable) changes it demands aren’t implemented.

“Make no mistake about it,” he roared. “This is their last chance. Unless the Iran nuclear deal is fixed in the coming months, the United States of America will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal immediately.”

Killing the deal appears coming, a pretext for Washington, Israel, and perhaps Britain, France and Germany to blame Iran for its demise.

Stiffer illegal US sanctions will likely follow, creating greater Middle East instability than already.

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