Mattis Threatens US Military Action Against Syrian Forces

Mattis Threatens US Military Action Against Syrian Forces

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Washington appears readying a pretext to attack Syrian forces – based on phony accusations of Damascus use of chemical weapons.

A separate article explained the Trump administration appears frantic over successful military operations by Russian-supported Syrian and allied forces, notably in East Ghouta, heading toward entirely liberating the enclave from US-supported terrorists.

On Sunday, Mattis warned Syria against using chemical weapons – knowing its arsenal was eliminated, numerous CW attacks only carried out by ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorists, no evidence proving government forces ever used them throughout seven years of war.

Yet he lied, claiming Syrian warplanes are killing civilians – a US specialty he failed to explain, notably in the rape and destruction of Mosul and Raqqa, many thousands of civilians slaughtered in both cities.

Mattis added he’s getting reports of chlorine gas use, falsely suggesting Syrian responsibility while admitting he has no evidence proving it.

Asked if he intends another attack on Syrian forces like last April against Shayrat airbase, he said “I’m not going to strictly define it. We have made it very clear that it would be very unwise to use gas.”

He knows US-supported terrorists alone are responsible for these incidents, including the one last year used as a pretext to attack the Syrian airbase.

He compounded his lying by accusing Syrian forces of “indiscriminately” killing civilians in East Ghouta, including “targeting hospitals,” adding:

“I don’t know which it is, whether they’re incompetent or whether they’re committing illegal acts or both.”

He shamefully accused Russia of complicity in killing civilians, saying Moscow is “in cahoots with Assad” – failing to explain both countries are allied against US-supported terrorists.

CIA director Pompeo suggested a US attack on Syrian forces may be forthcoming, saying Trump won’t tolerate CW attacks, adding he hasn’t made a decision on the latest reports about chlorine gas use.

If another US attack is planned on Syrian forces, it could come in days or sooner – dangerously escalating things more than already.

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