Raging Russophobia Ahead of Russia’s Presidential Election

Raging Russophobia Ahead of Russia’s Presidential Election

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Vladimir Putin is overwhelmingly popular. Russians want no one else leading them.

On Sunday, March 18, he’s virtually assured of reelection by an overwhelming margin for another six-year term. Eight candidates are competing for Russia’s highest office.

Moscow’s embassy in Washington accused Trump’s State Department of meddling in its electoral process, trying to influence the outcome.

It’s longstanding US practice – post-WW II interfering in scores of foreign elections. Was the Skripal poisoning affair at attempt to cut Putin’s margin of victory, along with trying to lower voter turnout?

US and Russian electoral politics are world’s apart. Russian elections are open, free and fair, shaming America’s sham process – no monitors observing what goes on.

Over 300 foreign politicians, members of international organizations, and other public figures accepted Moscow’s invitation to observe Sunday’s vote.

Many others are coming in a personal capacity to observe the process, including European parliament ministers, mayors and other public figures.

Putin and Trump are geopolitical opposites – the world’s preeminent peacemaker v. its leading aggressor, agendas of both governments polar opposite the other.

The Skripal affair is the latest example of Western hostility toward Russia – risen to a hugely dangerous fever pitch level.

What clearer evidence does Moscow need to know Washington is its adversary, not a partner – with no prospect of things changing?

Diplomacy with America is futile, a waste of time. Washington wants all sovereign independent nations replaced by pro-Western puppet rule – especially in Russia and China, the only countries standing in the way of unchallenged US global hegemony.

The likely MI6 Skripal false flag, perhaps co-engineered with the CIA, is the latest shot across the bow wanting Russia unjustifiably vilified – perhaps the most serious incident so far, a new low in despicable Western actions against Moscow, clearly the most transparent.

Commenting on what happened, former head of Russian General Staff’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) Fyodor Ladygin said “where I had the honor to work for many years, (Russian intelligence) never, I repeat, never resorted to such heinous nonsense, which the UK tries to attribute to” the Kremlin, adding:

“For us the fate of traitors is indifferent. For an intelligence officer, traitors die immediately. They absolutely stop existing in the memory. They are washed out of it.”

Skripal became a nobody, living in Britain for eight years before poisoned by an alleged nerve agent two weeks ago. It’s still unclear as no evidence was released – just public remarks and unjustifiable finger pointing.

Clearly Russia had nothing to do with the incident. Obviously it was a UK anti-Russia plot to smear and vilify Vladimir Putin ahead of Sunday’s presidential election and World cup months later – likely complicit with Washington.

A rush to judgment with no incriminating evidence exposed the scheme – what Western politicians ignore, what Western media haven’t explained, instead regurgitating the official false narrative.

Former British MP George Galloway called what’s going on “deja vu” all over again – much like raging disinformation preceding Bush/Cheney’s 2003 Iraq aggression and similar hoaxes, adding:

“In broad daylight, in public, this mastermind, capable of rigging the American elections, rigging Brexit, rigging the Catalan independence struggle, and God knows what else, is stupid enough to attack with a nerve agent invented by Russia with Russia’s signature on it.”

“In my opinion, you’d have to be crazy to believe that. But a large number of people, certainly in the media and even more depressingly in the Parliament, do.”

Indeed so in public statements, privately likely another story. Politics is dirty business, Russia the US-led West’s leading adversary.

Anything and everything is used to vilify the country, even an implausible stunt like blaming the Kremlin for Skripal’s poisoning.

Repeating Big Lies ad nauseam gets most people to believe them – how propaganda works.

It’s raging against Russia. With hardline Russophobes running America, Britain and other Western countries, things are likely to worsen ahead, not improve, a very disturbing situation.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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