Israel Praised John Bolton’s Appointment

Israel Praised John Bolton’s Appointment

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Paul Craig Roberts asked: “Is the US Government Criminally Insane?” Judge for yourself from what’s going on.

Trump’s lunatic fringe war cabinet should terrify everyone – comprised of Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis, hawkish imperial spear-carrier Mike Pompeo at State, generalissimo White House czar John Kelly, geopolitical pyromaniac Nikki Haley as UN envoy, and now raging hawk John Bolton as national security advisor.

They comprise a hugely dangerous rogue’s gallery of hot warriors, favoring endless wars of aggression, rejecting peace and stability.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard slammed Bolton’s appointment, tweeting:

“Trump’s choice of John Bolton to replace him, following his pick of Pompeo, continues the extreme warhawk neocon takeover of the White House. Bolton helped build the case of WMD lies that was used to invade Iraq. Bolton still champions that war today,” adding:

“I can’t think of anyone more dangerous than John Bolton to be the National Security Adviser. Pompeo and Bolton are standard bearers for the interventionist neocon foreign policy establishment, addicted to regime change wars, without any thought of the deathly cost or consequence.”

Bolton is long on premeditated aggression to solve geopolitical issues, short on what a national security advisor is supposed to be – serving as an honest counselor to the president on world issues, not pushing advocacy for his or her own agenda.

Israeli hardliners praised Bolton’s appointment. Extremist minister Naftali Bennett tweeted: “Great appointment (of a) stalwart friend of Israel.”

Minister Zeev Elkin said he’s “been unquestionably a friend of Israel for many years, including in his position as US ambassador to the UN. I have no doubt it will be comfortable for us to work with him.”

Islamophobe justice minister Ayelet (“little snakes”) Shaked tweeted: “President Trump continues to appoint true friends of Israel to senior positions. John Bolton is one of the most outstanding.”

Deputy diplomacy minister Michael Oren said “(t)he days of the (Iran) nuclear agreement, which is terrible in its current form, are nearing an end.”

Israeli military intelligence-connected DebkaFILE noted Bolton “repeatedly urged America to use its military prowess to remind the world that it is still the greatest power on earth whose strength is unrivaled,” adding:

“He has advocated pre-emptive military strikes on Iran and North Korea rather than wasting time on fruitless diplomacy while (both countries) buy time for developing nuclear weapons and missiles.”

He supports removing Syria’s Assad forcibly, claiming (nonexistent) Iranian and Hezbollah expansionist aims must be stopped.

He’s a vocal critic of diplomacy over belligerence, including hardline toughness against Palestinians.

Following Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, he tweeted: “The Middle East peace process has long needed clarity and an injection of reality, and Trump has provided it by making the decision to move the US embassy in #Israel to #Jerusalem.”

He accused Obama of “stabb(ing) Israel in the front…tip(ping) the peace process toward the Palestinians” for failing to veto Security Council Res. 2334 – demanding “Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.”

It recognized no territorial changes “to the 4 June 1967 lines, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties through negotiations.”

It “(c)all(ed) upon all States, to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967.”

At the time, Bolton called “the two-state solution…dead.” In 2014, he advocated a three-state solution – urging Gaza be given to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan, adding:

“The only logic underlying the demand for a Palestinian state is the political imperative of Israel’s opponents to weaken and encircle the Jewish state, thereby minimizing its potential to establish secure and defensible borders.”

In 2016, he addressed the Islamophobic American Freedom Alliance on whether Islam and the West can coexist.

He represents the lunatic fringe of neocon ideology, an interventionist on steroids.

Jewish Voices for Peace called his appointment “a complete disaster for the Middle East, the US, and the entire world.”

The Council on America-Islamic Relations “urge(d) across the political spectrum opposition… speak(ing) out against (his) appointment,” noting his “extremist views (and) ties to anti-Muslim bigots.”

PLO Executive Committee Hanan Ashwari slammed his “long history of hostility to Palestinians, dating to when he was at the United Nations, where he was protecting Israeli immunity,” adding:

He’s allied “with extremist Zionists, fundamentalist Christians and white racists. All this will lead to a devastating reality for Palestine and the region.”

His appointment, along with Pompeo at State, indicates abdication of world peace by Trump and his war cabinet.

Warriors have a stranglehold over US geopolitical policies. PCR is right believing a criminally insane cabal is running things in Washington.

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