Trump Held Hostage in the White House

Trump Held Hostage in the White House

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Trump’s actions show weakness, not strength – bowing to pressure, abandoning his inauguration day promises straightaway on taking office.

He yielded authority to dark forces running things in Washington, appointing a rogue’s gallery of neocons to key administration posts.

They notably include hugely dangerous Russophobic/Islamophobic extremists, figures committed to endless wars of aggression, wanting all sovereign independent governments forcefully toppled, an agenda risking catastrophic nuclear war.

Trump gave up on wanting improved relations with Moscow, imposing more illegal sanctions, likely intending more.

He’s “preparing to expel dozens of Russian diplomats from the US in response to the (alleged) nerve-agent poisoning of a former Russian spy in the UK” – according to Bloomberg Politics, citing “two (unnamed) people familiar with the matter on Saturday.”

An announcement may come on Monday. Moscow promised a tit-for-tat-response to all provocative US and EU actions.

Before announcing expulsions, Trump wants assurance from EU leaders that they intend going the same way, said Bloomberg.

Deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah said the Trump administration “stands firmly with the United Kingdom in condemning Russia’s outrageous action. The president is always considering options to hold Russia accountable in response to its malign activities.”

Fact: No US or EU officials in a position to know believe Moscow had anything to do with the Skripal incident.

What happened in Britain was a likely joint UK/US orchestrated false flag, continuing longstanding Western hostility toward Russia, escalating tensions to a dangerously higher level.

Further provocations are likely coming, risking unthinkable East/West confrontation if the madness doesn’t stop.

Appointing notorious Russophobes/Islamophobes Mike Pompeo and John Bolton to key administration geopolitical positions made greater war more likely – Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela key US regime change targets.

Publicly Trump said getting along with Russia and other countries “is a good thing, not a bad thing.” Privately his agenda is hostile.

On Sunday, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov blasted Britain for blaming Russia for the Skripal incident, saying:

“We are stating that this is quite unprecedented – international affairs bordering, maybe, on banditry. What stands behind this? Is it Britain’s internal problems or the problems of Britain’s cooperation with its allies, or something else? Looks like this is not our business.”

It’s always a nation’s business when unfairly targeted. US hostility toward China is another worrisome issue.

A day after Trump’s announced intention to impose $60 billion in tariffs on its imports, a US warship provocatively sailed within 12 nautical miles of a South China Sea Beijing-constructed artificial island.

China’s Defense Ministry said the USS Mustin was “warned off” by two Chinese frigates. Its spokesman Ren Guoqiang said “(w)hat the US is doing will damage the military-to-military relations and atmosphere.”

“It could easily cause misjudgments and accidents at air or sea. This is a serious political and military provocation,” adding:

Beijing intends boosting its defensive capability. Earlier the Pentagon called Russia and China Washington’s two greatest military threats – bald-faced lies repeated by media scoundrels instead of responsibly condemning the accusations.

Large-scale Beijing South China Sea aerial military exercises are underway. According to an air force statement, these type drills are “rehearsals for future wars and are the most direct preparation for combat” China hopes can be avoided.

Chinese naval vessels are conducting their own drills at the same time. According to military expert Song Zhongping, the “PLA (People’s Liberation Army) is committed to be battle-ready through simulated combat training.”

China expressed concern about repeated US provocations earlier, why its military preparedness is essential for self-defense.

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