Expelled Russian Diplomats in America Harassed Before Leaving

Expelled Russian Diplomats in America Harassed Before Leaving

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Following the Skripal incident, further US hostility toward Russia continues.

A separate article discussed the ordered shutdown of RT in the Washington DC area – perhaps prelude to targeting Sputnik the same way, maybe ahead of banishing them both nationwide.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, its diplomats expelled from America are being provocatively harassed – US intelligence services targeting them, explaining:

They’re “making frenzied efforts to get in contact with them…offer(ing) assistance for covert (operations) on (a) mutually beneficial basis,” adding:

Besides expelling them following the Skripal incident Moscow had nothing to do with, “US intelligence services (are) acting more and more aggressively,” wanting Russian diplomats recruited for covert operations against their own country – shameful, disturbing actions, likely further hostile shoes to drop ahead.

Washington’s scheme “fail(ed), but such conduct is cynical and loathsome as though (the US government) no longer sees the bounds of elementary decency. We take note of each of such cases and make conclusions,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry stressed.

Moscow fully understands Washington’s dirty game – while maintaining the illusion that normalized relations one day can be restored.

Ahead of Operation Barbarossa (June 1941), days before Hitler invaded Poland (September 1939) launching WW II, Russia its prime target, Stalin foolishly agreed to a nonaggression pact with Hitler.

He delayed the inevitable, deluding himself to believe he could do business with a megalomaniacal leader, rejecting peaceful coexistence with other nations, especially with communist Russia, a hated enemy explained in Mein Kampf, wanting Marxism/Bolshevism/communism “exterminated…in all (their) shapes and forms.”

Today’s Russian Federation is just as delusional, believing what’s unattainable, thinking one day US-dominated NATO hostility toward its country will pass, rapprochement achieved.

Under Republicans and undemocratic Dems, Washington is implacably hostile toward Russia, wanting its government toppled since its 1917 revolution, short-lived periods of accommodative relations alone occurring throughout the past century.

Bilateral relations today reached a new low in modern memory. Washington seeks regime change against Russia and all other sovereign independent countries, wanting them transformed into pro-Western puppet states, their resources looted, their people exploited.

What will it take to convince Moscow that diplomatic outreach to Washington is futile?

Will reality only hit home when its heartland is attacked – when America launches its own Barbarossa aggression, when nuclear terror-bombing incinerates its cities, when potential doomsday approaches?

Much like Hitler wanted communism “exterminated,” America wants Russian sovereignty eliminated.

That’s today’s reality. Russia’s future, maybe its survival, depends on how it reacts – strength and resolve its only options.

Anything less risks eventual demise.

A Final Comment

Russia’s Foreign Ministry took a small/yet woefully inadequate step in the right direction, ordering Theresa May’s government to reduce its diplomatic staff to the same number of Russian diplomats in Britain.

May has 30 days to fulfill the order. It wasn’t strong enough. Moscow should have expelled Britain’s ambassador, recalled its own from London, and ordered the mass expulsion of UK diplomats from Russia down to a barebones level at most.

Anything less than showing it won’t tolerate further hostile action encourages more of it.

The only way to deal with a hostile rogue state is by giving it a taste of its own medicine. Nothing else can work.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”



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