Intense Russia Bashing Over Former Spy Poisoning

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Intense Russia Bashing Over Former Spy Poisoning

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Former Russian military intelligence double agent Sergey Skripal remains hospitalized in critical condition, following his reported exposure to a toxic nerve agent.

The incident has Britain in an uproar, Russophobic officials and media frenetically bashing the Kremlin – despite no evidence linking it to what happened.

An intense investigation to determine responsibility for Skripal’s poisoning continues. UK media are all over the incident, disgracefully suggesting Russian involvement.

A Russophobic London Guardian report said Putin should be “charge(d) with the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal” if evidence proves Russian involvement.

The Guardian irresponsibly suggested it, saying “(t)he Salisbury poisoning is a brazen attack on a sovereign country and cannot go unpunished,” adding:

“It suggests respect for Britain, its values and its law enforcement capabilities is so diminished that it is seen as an easy venue for score-settling.”

According to the Guardian, other UK media, and Russophobic officials like Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson, calling Moscow an “ever-greater threat,” Russia is to blame for what happened – the accusation strongly denied by the Kremlin.

The Independent headlined “Theresa May under pressure to issue strong measures against Russia over poisoning of former spy,” saying:

Following a Monday National Security Council meeting, senior ministers are expected to call for a robust response.

Last week, Foreign Minister Boris Johnson accused Moscow of “acts of war,” a shameful remark.

The Times said “Theresa May is on the verge of publicly blaming Russia for the attempted murder of Sergei and Yulia Skripal and ordering expulsions and sanctions against” the Kremlin – perhaps on Monday.

The broadsheet cited unnamed “senior government sources” suggesting “sufficient evidence” links Moscow the incident.

Earlier US accusations of Russian interference in America’s electoral process were fabricated.

So were phony US-led claims of “Russian aggression” in Ukraine – committed by Kiev, supported by Washington, Moscow uninvolved.

US accusations of Russian war crimes in Syria were falsified – committed by Pentagon-led terror-bombing and terrorists Washington supports – also by Turkish aggression in northern Syria and support for anti-government terrorists.

The Financial Times joined the Russia-bashing chorus, headlining “UK eyes Russia sanctions after spy poisoning,” saying:

Theresa May perhaps is willing to go along with Boris Johnson, Gavin Williamson, Philip Hammond, and other Russophobic ministers “favor(ing) financial and other sanctions on Moscow in response to Mr. Skripal’s poisoning.”

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell called on Labor MPs to abstain from appearing on RT, accusing the Russian broadcaster of “at times go(ing) beyond objective journalism” – a characterization applying to deplorable Western media.

The Skirpal incident gives Britain, and perhaps Washington, a new pretext to intensify Russia bashing.

Sergey Lavrov said “(w)e have not seen any concrete facts. We have only seen some coverage…claim(ing) that if it was Russia there will be a response that Russia will never forget,” adding:

Parallels between the Skripal case and death of former Russian intelligence officer Alexander Litvinenko are striking.

In his case, “blame for which was also put on Russia, was not investigated until the end, because the trial, which was called public, was actually closed, and it was conducted in a very strange manner. Numerous facts in the course of the probe were not made public.”

Russia’s embassy in Britain tweeted: Reports about Skripal are “twisting the narrative,” by calling a double agent “Russian,” manipulating “public opinion and (the) investigation despite lack of information and logic. Sells better this way.”

Like phony accusations against the Kremlin discussed above and others, not a shred of evidence links Russia to Skripal’s poisoning.

No motive for wanting him harmed exists, knowing Moscow would be automatically blamed.

US, UK and other Russophobes benefit greatly from what happened.

Maybe dark forces in America and/or Britain were responsible for Skripal’s poisoning as a way to blame Russia. Their sordid history of dirty tricks suggests it.

Note: Skripal was imprisoned in Russia for espionage before released after six years of incarceration in a prisoner exchange with Washington.

If Kremlin authorities wanted him eliminated, they would have acted against him in Russia.

Instead, they freed him, letting him leave the country in 2010. He settled in Britain, living unharmed until the poisoning incident – almost certainly not committed by Russia.

Years after his release, no motive or evidence suggest it. Facts conflicting with the official narrative don’t stop irresponsible Russia bashing.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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