Hollow Holiday Messages While Imperial Wars Rage

Hollow Holiday Messages While US Imperial Wars Rage

by Stephen Lendman

On Friday, Trump’s video message for the holiday period rang hollow, wishing Christians and Jews his best.

He ignored ongoing slaughter of Muslims in multiple US war theaters, saying nothing about Israeli mass murder of Gazans.

There’s no joy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Palestine, and elsewhere this time of year or any other.

Mass slaughter, destruction and human misery in these and other nations overwhelm all else.

While Trump enjoys luxury Mar-a-Lago estate surroundings this weekend and many others, countless numbers of US-led NATO and Israeli victims endure unspeakable suffering – imperial madness their curse.

It defines America’s agenda, undemocratic Dems as bloodthirsty as Republicans – humanity at risk of annihilation because of US rage for dominance.

America’s killing machine doesn’t rest on holidays or any other times of year, its viciousness unrelenting, terrorizing humanity globally.

Its legacy reflects a trail of endless wars of aggression, related violence, occupation, plunder, destabilization, displacement, deprivation, starvation and human misery worldwide

Trump is the latest in a long line of US warrior presidents. His hardened neocon-infested war cabinet threatens more wars of aggression than already.

On Easter Sunday, Pope Francis’ message rang hollow. The former Archbishop of Buenos Aires supported Argentina’s military dictatorship during its dirty war years, ideological dissenters imprisoned, tortured and murdered to eliminate them.

The pontiff’s call for ending “carnage (in) the beloved and long-suffering land of Syria,” along with “reconciliation” in the Middle East and addressing “hunger, endemic conflicts and terrorism” in parts of the world ignored his longstanding support for wealth, power and privilege, his disdain for progressive liberation theology.

His high-minded Easter message belied papal tradition, paying lip service alone to peace, equity and justice.

He ignored US political and economic war on Venezuela, supported by the country’s fascist opposition, disingenuously voicing hope for “a just, peaceful and humane way to surmount quickly the (ongoing) political and humanitarian crises” – orchestrated by Washington, he failed to explain.

Countless millions suffer from endless US wars of aggression in multiple theaters – ongoing during Easter, Passover and all other times of the year.

Peace on earth, good will toward all is absent from US dirty business.

On Easter Sunday, the pontiff and Trump ignored the horror of US imperial madness.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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