Skripal Incident Big Lie Unravelling in Plain Sight

Skripal Incident Big Lie Unravelling in Plain Sight

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Whoever dreamed up the scheme should be fired for disinformation incompetence – falsely blaming Russia for what lack of evidence proves otherwise.

Social media are in an uproar over exposure of false accusations against the Kremlin – revealed by UK Porton Down Defense Science and Technology Laboratory CEO Gary Aitkenhead, explaining no evidence from its forensic probe links the Skripal incident to Russia.

The “precise source” of the agent analyzed cannot be determined, Aitkenhead said. Theresa May lied repeatedly, especially Boris Johnson, saying:

“The people from Porton Down, the laboratory, they were absolutely categorical. I asked the guy there myself. I said are you sure, and he said there’s no doubt.”

He disgraced himself, his government and Britain for what’s exposed as a disgraceful Big Lie – and he knew it.

Porton Down CEO Aitkenhead said precisely the opposite of Johnson’s fabricated claim.

Johnson should resign or be sacked. Brits and Labor should demand a new election – anyone but May and Johnson to head a new government.

It’s too late for apologies, damage already done – likely more to Britain than Russia when the episode plays out ahead.

Labor shadow home secretary Diane Abbott issued a press release, saying:

“It seems Boris Johnson misled the public when he claimed that Porton Down officials confirmed to him that Russia was the source of the nerve agent used in the Salisbury attack.”

“Those officials have made it clear they cannot identify its source, and are not able to definitively say it came from Russia or elsewhere.”

“Boris Johnson is supposed to represent Britain on the world stage, but time and again he has shown he is unable to do so responsibly.”

Former UK MP George Galloway called for Johnson to resign, tweeting: “For a Foreign Secretary to lie about such a grave matter it must be a resignation matter.”

Britain’s Foreign Office deleted the following March 22 tweet saying: “Porton Down lab @dstlmod clearly established that the source of Salisbury toxic agent was Russia”

Clearly it was NOT Russia! An April 4 Foreign Office damage control statement reinvented Johnson’s remark, turning truth on its head, saying:

“The foreign secretary was making clear that Porton Down were sure it was a novichok – a point they have reinforced.”

“He goes on in the same interview to make clear why based on that information, additional intelligence and the lack of alternative explanation from the Russians, we have reached the conclusion we have.”

“What the foreign secretary said then, and what Porton Down said recently, is fully consistent with what we have said throughout.”

“It is Russia that is putting forward multiple versions of events and obfuscating the truth.”

Cold hard facts disprove this statement. Porton Down clearly said it cannot determine the origin of the toxic agent given the lab to evaluate.

Johnson despicably lied claiming otherwise. Earlier today, Russian director of foreign intelligence Sergey Naryshkin blasted what he called a “grotesque provocation rudely staged by the British and US intelligence agencies.”

The great US/UK Skripal affair Big Lie attempt to demonize Russia more than already is unravelling in plain sight.

All EU and other nations going along with the scheme know what they’re unwilling to admit publicly. So are increasing numbers of people in Britain, America, Europe and elsewhere.

Historian, former UK ambassador, human rights activist Craig Murray highlighted the “straightforward lie from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a lie that British diplomats around the world have been promoting to foreign governments.”

Porton Down revelations caught Britain with its pants down, exposing its Big Lie. Yet May and Johnson refuse to back off, sticking with the official fabricated narrative.

Sooner or later it’ll have no choice. Truth will out in the end. Big Lies have a life of their own until exposed in the light of day.

May, Johnson, others in Britain and America are exposed as despicable characters for everyone paying attention.

The official US/UK narrative on the Skripal affair is a disgraceful Big Lie.

Believe nothing from these governments on anything. They long ago lost the public trust.

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