The NYT Inches Away from the Discredited Skripal Incident Narrative

The NYT Inches Away from the Discredited Skripal Incident Narrative

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Its latest report diverges from the official narrative, far from enough, yet differing from earlier full Times support for the Big Lie about what happened, headlining:

“Yulia Skripal Is Awake and at the Center of a Russia-UK Confrontation,” saying:

“Russian television broadcast a telephone” conversation between Yulia and “her cousin Viktoria that both she and her father, Sergei V. Skripal, are healthy, and that neither of them has suffered long-term health damage from the poisoning.”

“The recording contradicted public statements by the British authorities, who have described Mr. Skripal’s condition as ‘critical but stable’ and said that only Ms. Skripal was conscious.

Earlier Times reports unquestionably went along with the official Big Lie, blaming Russia for what it clearly had nothing to do with.

A blistering late March report turned truth on its head, accusing Russia of trying to “assassinate” a former spy and his daughter in Britain “with a chemical weapon” – despite no evidence proving it then or now.

Earlier Times reports indicated father and daughter were critically ill at death’s door.

Its latest one quoted Yulia, saying her “strength is growing daily.” She and her father are OK.

The Times: The earlier and latest “accounts underline a challenge Britain is facing as it endeavors to build and maintain an international coalition around the poisoning while keeping much of its evidence secret.”

“At the United Nations on Thursday, the Russian ambassador, Vasily A. Nebenzya, called an emergency session of the Security Council where he” convincingly discredited the official narrative.

CEO of Britain’s Porton Down lab Gary Aitkenhead said “its scientists could not identify ‘the precise source’ of the toxin analyzed.”

“That conclusion undercut statements by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson that Porton Down scientists had categorically traced the agent to Russia,” the Times stopping short of calling him a discredited liar.

It reported enough to show it’s less supportive of the official narrative than earlier.

Once Yulia has more to say publicly, more will be known – much more once her father Sergey gives his own account of what he knows.

No one was poisoned by a military-grade novichok nerve agent able to kill in minutes, as officially reported.

The Times failed to admit what’s obvious to everyone following events as they unfold – but it reported enough to show how the official narrative is unravelling in plain sight.

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