Britain Prepares with US for War on Syria

Britain Prepares with US for War on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Britain is an appendage of Washington’s imperial agenda. So are France, Germany, and other NATO countries, their agenda benefitting Israel at the expense of world peace.

During a Monday press conference in Sweden with Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, Theresa May turned truth on its head condemning a (fake) “truly barbaric attack in Douma,” adding:

“(W)e are…working with our allies on any action that is necessary.” She called for Syria and Russia to be held accountable for what didn’t happen.

Britain’s Foreign Office spokesman said FM Boris Johnson said the alleged Douma incident “bore hallmarks of previous chemical weapons attacks by” Syria, calling for “account(ability).”

None ever occurred, including in Douma. Facts on the ground don’t matter, never interfering with planned policies.

UK media are as ravenously pro-war as America’s. The London Times headlined “Theresa May under pressure to join strikes on Assad in Syria,” saying:

“As Britain prepared options including the use of Tomahawk missiles, senior figures warned that it risked losing influence in Washington to France if it turned down a request by President Trump to join” the US in attacking Syria.

French President Macron allegedly “egg(ed) on” Trump to take military action.

Raging hawk Tory foreign affairs committee chairman Tom Tugendhat urged May to “stick with your allies,” adding:

“We can be legalistic, or we can be realistic,” repeating the Big Lie, falsely claiming Assad dropped (nonexistent) barrel bombs containing CWs.

Britain’s defense ministry reportedly is considering its military options against Syria, including submarine and aerial-launched cruise missiles against Syrian targets outside its airspace – acting without parliamentary debate.

Former Tory foreign minister William Hague raged against Syria, saying if still in office he’d urge military action, adding:

Chemical weapons will become “legitimized” otherwise. They’re used by Washington and Israel in all their wars of aggression, he failed to explain, along with biological, radiological and other banned weapons.

Both countries use targeted countries as proving grounds for new weapons, legitimate and prohibited ones, civilians guinea pigs in these gruesome experiments, as vile as Nazi and imperial Japanese atrocities.

Doctors treating the wounded report injuries never seen before, horrific disfiguring and/or maiming ones – too often victims too far gone to save.

Hague was foreign secretary when parliament voted against naked aggression in Syria in 2013. Recalling the aftermath, he said Britain became “enfeebled spectators of one of the most destructive conflagrations of our time” – ignoring war launched by Obama, escalated by Trump, heading toward something potentially far more dangerous.

According to Hague, in 2013, “(w)e were left with only words, and compared to other nations financing armies or sending forces, words count for very little.”

“Our efforts to bring about peace (sic) evaporated without a readiness to use hard power when it was needed.”

“We should have learnt from the fiasco of 2013 that abdication of the responsibility and right to act doesn’t make war go away.”

Waging war to allegedly prevent it risks turning planet earth into a battleground – just a matter of time before thermonuclear weapons used.

Imperial madness is humanity’s greatest threat. Instead of refusing to be part of escalated aggression on a sovereign state, Britain, France and likely other US allies appear poised to join the campaign to perhaps smash it entirely.

Will Russia do nothing and let it happen? Will it be a spectator to the carnage, waging a war of meaningless words alone?

Or will it do the right thing and respond forcefully to any US-led escalated aggression on Syria?

If not, its own national security becomes more threatened than already.

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