The NYT Supports Escalated Conflict in Syria Based on a Big Lie

The NYT Supports Escalated Conflict in Syria Based on a Big Lie

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times never met an illegal US war of aggression it didn’t support wholeheartedly – backing them all to its disgrace, feeding its readers pure rubbish as justification, banishing hard truths.

The Times: The “world…has been roused in the last 48 hours by photographs on social media of lifeless men, women and children in the rebel-held town of Douma, many with white foam coming from their mouths and nostrils, victims of chemical weapons.”

“Outraged Western nations blame (Assad) and demand retaliation…Russia and Iran (disgracefully called his) callous enablers” by the Times.

Fact: All of the above is pure rubbish, disgraceful Big Lies, the alleged CW attack fake news.

Fact: It didn’t happen. The accusation, complete with fake images, was staged as a pretext for escalated US-led aggression on Syria – the Times and other media scoundrels complicit for spreading the Big Lie.

The Times: So-called “experts…blamed (Syrian forces) for most of the 85 chemical attacks in the country over the past five years.”

“Syria had a major chemical weapons program before pledging to surrender it after chemical attacks in 2013, a commitment it failed to fully honor.”

Fact: The OPCW confirmed the elimination of Syria’s entire CW stockpile.

Fact: No evidence suggests it forces ever used these banned weapons throughout over seven years of war.

Fact: US-supported terrorists used them repeatedly, trained in their use by Pentagon contractors.

Fact: On issues of war and peace, along with anything on Russia, the Times consistently lies to its readers. Its reports, commentaries and editorials lack credibility on vital geopolitical issues.

The Times: “President Trump took limited military action against Syria after a chemical weapons attack last year…”

Fact: No Syrian CW attack occurred last year or any other time during the war. Trump’s action was naked aggression based on a Big Lie.

The Times: “What to do next in Syria is a crucial test for Mr. Trump, who has shirked America’s traditional leadership role.”

“He has tried to seem like a macho leader who would aggressively use American power where President Barack Obama wouldn’t, while talking about pulling out of the Middle East and walking away from international commitments.”

Fact: US operations in all its war theaters constitute lawless naked aggression.

Fact: Russia operates legally in Syria at the behest of Damascus, combating US-supported terrorists.

Fact: US presence in Syria is flagrantly illegal, massacring civilians, destroying vital infrastructure, using ISIS and likeminded groups as imperial foot soldiers – facts the Times suppresses.

The Times: “Mr. Trump needs to work with the other major powers on a broad plan that could force Mr. Assad, Russia and Iran to end the carnage and be held accountable.”

Fact: Washington and its rogue partners bear full responsibility for mass slaughter and destruction in the country – Assad, Syria and its people victims of its ruthless agenda.

The Times supports greater carnage than already, complicit in high crimes committed by Washington and its rogue allies – operating as a virtual Pentagon press agent when America goes to war.

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