Iran Vows Israeli Aggression on Syrian T-4 Airbase Won’t Go Unanswered

Iran Vows Israeli Aggression on Syria’s T-4 Airbase Won’t Go Unanswered

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Senior Iranian official Ali Akbar Velayati expressed justifiable outrage over the attack, saying “(d)efinitely, this crime will not remain without a response,” adding:

The Islamic Republic will continue strongly defending Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity – calling the incident a flagrant violation of international law, strengthening terrorists in the country.

The attack killed seven Iranian military advisors, Tehran acknowledging the casualties on Wednesday.

Tehran and Moscow believe the incident was prelude for planned US-led aggression on Syrian forces.

Russian upper house Federation Council Defense and Security Committee chairman Viktor Bondarev called the attack “an obvious provocation orchestrated by (a) country interested in the continuation of the war in Syria,” adding:

“If the events develop further like this, the consequences may be the toughest and unexpected. (T)his will have the most serious implications for all those who are building up tension in the Middle East.”

“We, of course, will continue supporting the peace process, rendering assistance to the Syrian people, and the legitimate Syrian government and countering the attempts of pseudo-fighters with terrorists from the pro-American coalition to destroy Syria like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were earlier destroyed.”

Will Iran ally with Russia militarily to counter US-led aggression on Syrian forces if launched – endangering their own personnel on the ground?

Moscow, Tehran and Damascus consider Israel allied with US-led aggression if forthcoming. Major conflicts start this way.

Neocon lunatics in Washington, Britain, France, Germany, other NATO countries and Israel risk something far more serious if US-led naked aggression targets Syrian forces.

The 1962 Cuban missile crisis was insignificant compared to the unrecognized danger of what could follow.

Influenced and controlled by neocon extremists, Trump has no idea what he’s risking if escalated US aggression on Syria is ordered.

Be scared! Be very scared! Death from radiation sickness is a horrific way to perish.

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