Israeli Killer Soldiers Cheer Shooting Palestinian for Target Practice

Israeli Killer Soldiers Cheer Shooting Palestinian for Target Practice

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The self-styled “world’s most moral army” is comprised of brainwashed youths, trained from childhood to hate Arabs – abusing and killing them OK, they’re taught.

Rogue state Israel has been governed by ruthless Ziofascist thugs from inception to today.

It shows in how deplorably Palestinians are treated, their fundamental rights and welfare ignored.

On Monday, a video broadcast on Israeli television showed an IDF sniper shooting an unarmed, defenseless Gazan, the images shared on social media.

The incident happened weeks earlier. Military officials confirmed its authenticity.

A soldier in the video is heard asking: “Do you have a bullet in the barrel? Is it on him?”

Another soldier is heard saying “I can’t see because of the wire. There’s a little boy there.” The sniper opens fire, hitting a Palestinian.

In legitimate tribunals, it’s called assault with a deadly weapon – if someone killed, it’s first degree murder.

Cries of enthusiasm followed shooting, one soldier saying “Wow, what a video! Yes! Son of a bitch.”

“What a video…Run and get him out of there. Of course I filmed it. Wow! Someone was hit in the head. What a legendary video. He flew in the air. Get out, you sons of bitches.”

Joint (Arab) List MK Jamal Zahalka denounced the cold-blooded shooting, saying it shows how “Israeli snipers killed unarmed Palestinian protesters in cold blood who were participating in a non-violent protest.”

They perform what they’re taught to do, Palestinian lives and welfare of no consequence.

Israeli officials defend cold-blooded shootings. Islamophobe minister Naftali Bennett said “(a)nyone who was ever on the battlefield knows that to sit in Tel Aviv or (television) studios and judge IDF soldiers according to their comments, when they are busy defending our borders, is not something serious.”

Extremist minister Gilad Erdan added “(w)as it so boring in this country over the last day that this video needs to receive such exposure?”

“To take a situation from the battlefield, when soldiers are under stress and explosive devices are being thrown at them and attempts are being made to infiltrate, and to take their human response and judge them from the armchairs in Tel Aviv? No country in the world does such a thing.”

Palestinians shot in cold blood threatened no one. These type incidents are common in Israel by soldiers and other security forces – in America as well by killer cops nationwide.

Extremists running Israel call shooting Palestinians OK. Following mass shootings of Palestinians with live fire on two successive Fridays, Netanyahu and defense minister Lieberman praised the actions of soldiers.

Israel flagrantly violates international law with impunity. As an occupying power, it’s obligated to protect the lives, rights, welfare and health of Palestinians – a core responsibility it spurned for the past half century.

In response to B’Tselem urging Israeli soldiers to disobey orders to shoot Gazan demonstrators, Lieberman called for a criminal probe on the organization, saying:

“I take a serious view of this attempt to sow fear and division among IDF fighters and commanders at a time when the IDF is protecting Israel’s southern border from Hamas sabotage and provocations.”

B’Tselem responded calling an investigation of its righteous remarks “unwarranted and baseless,” repeating its “appeal to Israeli soldiers to refuse to abide by patently unlawful orders to use lethal force against unarmed protesters in Gaza.”

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