The Coming Firestorm in Syria

The Coming Firestorm in Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The die is cast on Syria. A US-led attack on the country almost surely is coming.

The only unknowns are when and its severity. Will it be similar to last April’s Shayrat airbase attack or is striking multiple Syrian military and perhaps other targets this time coming? The latter option seems most likely.

Short of full-scale “shock and awe” war like Iraq 2003 and Libya 2011, nothing strategic can be accomplished.

Attacking Syria is just a way for Trump to look tough, appeasing administration and congressional hawks, based on a Big Lie.

The alleged Douma incident never happened, a false flag mirage made to appear real by fake images prepared in advance – clear to everyone in the White House, Congress, US allies and Western media supporting what demands opposition.

Trump’s belligerent tweets and other remarks on Syria crossed the line he’s unlikely to pull back from.

On Monday, John Bolton assumed his post as national security advisor. At the same time, deputy national security advisor Nadia Schadlow resigned – the third senior NSC official to quit or be forced out.

On Tuesday, Trump’s homeland security advisor Tom Bossert resigned. So did national security advisor Michael Anton, both likely fired.

An unnamed source close to the White House said these changes were “100%” on John Bolton’s orders, hardening Trump’s war cabinet for whatever is coming – in Syria and elsewhere.

Raging hawk CIA director/incoming secretary of state (once clearing rubber-stamp Senate confirmation) Mike Pompeo signaled more trouble ahead, saying in congressional testimony:

“Russia continues to act aggressively, enabled by years of soft policy toward that aggression. That’s now over.”

“The list of this administration’s actions to raise the cost for Vladimir Putin is long.”

“The actions of this administration make clear that President Trump’s national security strategy, rightfully, has identified Russia as a danger to our country.”

According to the London Times, “Theresa May has cleared the way for Britain to join a US-led military attack on Syria within days after national security advisers presented new evidence blaming President Assad for the ‘barbaric’ gas attack in Douma.”

“The prime minister is recalling cabinet ministers from their Easter break to seek approval today.”

“She is set to defy calls, including from Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor leader, to follow recent convention and allow MPs a vote.”

According to a Times poll, only 20% of UK voters support attacking Syria, 40% against, another 40% undecided.

Attacking Syria will escalate ongoing US-led aggression on the country based on a Big Lie, including by ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist foot soldiers likely poised to launch attacks once cruise missile fireworks begin.

The strategy risks direct confrontation with Russia. It’ll ease things for Trump to abandon the Iran nuclear deal, Britain and France likely going along enough to likely kill it.

As of now, it’s anyone’s guess precisely what’s coming – to be known once hostilities begin.

It’s also unclear how Russia will respond – virtually certain to retaliate if its personnel in Syria are harmed.

Will its military down incoming missiles and strike their launch pads, as claimed by its Lebanon ambassador, or will it remain passive in the face of US-led aggression again, letting Syrian targets be smashed, along with unknown numbers of soldiers and civilians killed?

We’ll have these and other answers in the fullness of time.

Letting America get away with naked aggression time and again assures more of it.

If Russia fails to act forcefully this time, will it wait for its heartland to be attacked before defending its national security?

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