The NYT: Imperial Mouthpiece

The NYT: Imperial Mouthpiece

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times makes painful reading, consistently featuring disinformation rubbish on major geopolitical issues – supporting the official US narrative, cheerleading its wars of aggression, functioning as a virtual imperial press agent.

The Times: “After Saturday’s predawn strike in Syria on three suspected chemical weapons sites, government officials and outside experts agreed that the attack, while double the size of last year’s, was unlikely to eliminate Mr. Assad’s ability to gas his own people yet again.”

Fact: No CW sites were struck by US-led terror-bombing. None exist.

Empty buildings were destroyed along with a facility for developing cancer drugs.

According to the Institution for the Development of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries head Saeed Saeed:

“Since the Syria crisis broke out, the country has been short of all kinds of medicines due to the sanctions from Western countries.” 

“Foreign companies stopped exporting high-quality medicines to Syria, especially anti-cancer medicines.” 

“So we have been conducting researches on anti-cancer medicines here, and three cancer drugs have been developed.”

“If there were chemical weapons in the (now destroyed) building, “we would (have needed) to wear masks and take other protective measures…”

The Times accepted the fabricated after-action Pentagon report at face value – instead of responsibly questioning its validity and justification.

After striking selected targets, the Times admitted “there (were) no  reports of chemical agent leakage from the sites” – failing to state no CWs or anything related to them were in facilities the Pentagon called the “heart” of Assad’s toxic weapons program, none existing.

Instead, the Times continued its false narrative, claiming “(w)hile it is easy to blow up Mr. Assad’s chemical facilities, it is also relatively simple for him to reconstitute them elsewhere, or just turn to a commercially available substance like chlorine to make a crude poison that any nation is allowed to possess.”

Not a shred of evidence suggests the above rubbish – the Times adding “Assad has learned a lot about how to hide his stockpiles from inspectors.”

In September 2014, the pro-Western OPCW confirmed the elimination of Syria’s entire CW arsenal. No evidence suggests any toxins remain hidden from anyone.

Nothing proves Syrian forces ever used these banned weapons throughout years of war. US-supported terrorist were caught red-handed using them numerous times. 

Syrian forces discovered tons of banned toxins in liberated East Ghouta. 

On Saturday, an inflammatory French report claimed “the Syrian military retains expertise from its traditional chemical weapons agent program to both use sarin and produce and deploy chlorine munitions,” adding:

Washington “assesses (Damascus) still has chemicals -specifically sarin and chlorine – that it can use in future attacks.”

No evidence corroborates the above claims, groundless without it. Washington claims chlorine and possibly sarin were used in Douma.

Yet no one was harmed, killed, ill, or otherwise affected, according to local Syrian medical personnel and Russian technical experts visiting the site. Analysis of soil samples showed no CW residues.

The Times report turned truth on its head – reading like a Pentagon press release, a disgraceful example of scoundrel media-supported propaganda.

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