French President Macron Urges Regime Change in Syria

French President Macron Urges Regime Change in Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Macron has imperial ambitions, reminiscent of France’s colonial past, partnered with US aggression in Syria for regime change, governing domestically like a tinpot despot.

Based on recent polls, his approval rating is as dismal as Trump’s, around 40% supporting his agenda, nearly 60% opposed – Trump at 39% approval, according to a mid-April Gallup poll.

Interviewed on April 22 in the Elysee Palace on Fox News Sunday ahead of his April 23-25 US state visit, he and Trump to discuss their military involvement in Syria, their war OF terrorism, not on it, among other issues.

Macron left no doubt he’s partnered with Washington for regime change in Syria, supporting the scourge of ISIS he pretends to oppose, as well as other terrorists infesting the country, saying:

“We will have to build the new Syria. We will finish this war against ISIS”- France supports, he failed to explain. 

“If we leave, definitely and totally, even from a political point of view, we will leave the floor to (Iran), Bashar al-Assad and his guys, and they will prepare the new war.” 

“They will fuel the new terrorists” – despicable remarks, turning truth on its head.’’

Macron ignored US-led aggression on a sovereign independent country combating terrorism, not supporting it, partnered with Washington’s imperial agenda, disgracefully pretending he’s helping the Syrian people.

Hammering home his imperial objective, he roared saying “my point is…even after the end of the war…our allies…will have a very important role to play in order to create this new Syria and ensure Syrian people to decide for the future.”

In June 2014, Syrians decided their future, reelecting Assad overwhelming, the process declared open, free, and fair by international monitors.

Syrians want no one else leading them. They strongly support their government’s efforts to combat terrorists committing atrocities against their people, supported by US-led terror-bombing.

They want all foreign powers out of their country, terrorism defeated, peace and stability restored – unattainable as long as Washington, France and their partners in high crimes pursue regime change – wanting no part of “the new Syria” these rogue states have in mind.

Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are in Syria at Assad’s request, combating terrorists supported by Washington, France and their imperial partners.

They’re in Syria illegally, flagrantly violating international law, committing horrendous high crimes of war and against humanity, responsible for one of the world’s most severe humanitarian crises.

Macron is unapologetic about France’s alliance with US-led naked aggression on a sovereign state – supporting terrorists, not combating them.

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