Russia to Supply Syria with S-300 Air Defense Systems?

Russia to Supply Syria with S-300 Air Defense Systems?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian air defense systems are unmatched by any other countries. Its S-400s are the most  sophisticated systems of its kind in use.

Its more advanced S-500s are scheduled for delivery in 2020, able to destroy incoming ICBM warheads, low-flying satellites, and up to 10 supersonic ballistic missiles at distances up to 500 km.

S-300s can intercept and destroy hostile aircraft and ballistic missiles. Its sophisticated capability has Washington and Israel concerned.

According to Russia’s Kommersant broadsheet, citing anonymous military sources, the Kremlin intends supplying Syria with S-300s.

Sergey Lavrov suggested it following April 14 US, UK, French aggression on Syrian sites on, explaining no decision was made so far, adding:

“We’ll have to wait to see what specific decisions the Russian leadership and representatives of Syria will take.”

S-300s protect Iranian airspace. It’s vital for Moscow to help Syria defend itself the same way.

The Kremlin never should have hesitated in the first place. After the joint US/UK/French attack, it should expedite delivery.

Syria has a right to defend itself against foreign aggression, especially US, UK, French and Israeli attacks.

Without sophisticated air defense systems installed, aggression on the country is sure to continue, likely escalate, perhaps heading toward full-scale war.

In 2010, a Moscow/Damascus agreement was struck to supply Syria’s military with S-300s. US and Israeli pressure got Russia to back down, a foolish mistake at the time, vital to reverse straightaway.

“According to Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies director Ruslan Pukhov, Moscow “most likely chose the option of providing demonstrative support to Bashar Assad after the April strike, which required a certain response from Russia due to the US and its allies.”

Russia’s upper house Federation Council’s Committee for Defense and Security chairman Viktor Bondarev believes “the presence of efficient defense equipment in any sovereign country will sober up some loose cannons not just among NATO military and high-ranking officers,” but likeminded others in other countries.

Kommersant said S-300s are coming to Syria, Russian military advisors to coordinate use with their Syrian counterparts, adding if the systems are attacked, the consequences “will be catastrophic for all sides.”

More ahead on this important issue as new developments warrant.

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