Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria an Skripal False Flag

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April 15, 2018
Escalated US-Led Aggression on Syria Not the End of It
April 15, 2018

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria and Skripal False Flag

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on Syria before overnight Friday US-led aggression.

Conditions in the country remain hugely dangerous and deplorable, liberating East Ghouta entirely from US-supported terrorists the only good news.

MZ: “(O)n April (al-Qaeda-linked) White Helmets) report(ed) on (an alleged) chemical attack (in) Douma” – the Big Lie used as a pretext for overnight Friday US-led aggression on Syrian targets.

MZ described “the absurd video sequence shot by the…White Helmets in which children and adults are seen spraying water on each other.” 

“They presented it as evidence that chemical weapons were used. News agencies that pretend to be respectable also took on face value another astoundingly fake report showing a half-ton bomb lying on a neatly made-up bed against the background of a shattered window with intact glass.” 

“All the opponents of Syria’s legitimate government called on the international community and primarily the US to interfere and punish…Damascus…What a classical scenario” – the aftermath now known.

“Russian military personnel, including doctors and experts in protection against chemical weapons visited Douma where the chemical weapons attack allegedly happened, but did not find neither any signs that chemical weapons were used  nor any victims of the mythical attack.”

Facts on the ground don’t deter ruthless US imperial aims or tactics. Multiple Syrian targets were terror-bombed – based on a Big Lie.

MZ: “At the same time, major international media outlets and official representatives of foreign capitals remain silent on the discovery of large stockpiles of chemical weapons in warehouses of the terrorists in liberated parts of Eastern Ghouta.”

Facts conflicting with or exposing the official narrative are suppressed, disinformation alone featured.

The World Health Organization (WHO) disgraced itself by supporting the Big Lie about Douma, its information coming from White Helmet terrorists and scoundrel media propaganda.

Its top officials were unavailable for comment, MZ explained.

On April 11, a bus with Russian journalists aboard was attacked returning to Damascus from East Ghouta after filming the enclave’s liberation, said MZ – one journalist and two cameramen wounded.

MZ: “Everyone knows about the information campaign, or rather warfare of the UK authorities against Russia over the so-called Skripal case.” 

“They are using all the propaganda means and methods they can get their hands on. It is a long time since we last saw an ill-disguised and unscrupulous anti-Russia campaign of this dimension.” 

“The UK authorities are disregarding the standards of international law, diplomatic rules and principles, and elementary human ethics.”

“New versions and more discrepancies are coming to light” – exposing official Big Lies.

Following MZ’s report, Swiss state Spiez lab analysis of the substance harming father and daughter Skripal revealed it’s an incapacitating 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate or BZ toxin – not a novichok military-grade nerve agent as falsely reported.

BZ is harmful but not lethal – why Yulia Skripal and UK detective Nick Bailey recovered enough to be discharged from hospitalization, Sergey Skripal markedly improved.

The Swiss lab analyzed samples provided to the OPCW by Britain. The organization shamefully rubber-stamped the official UK claim, falsely calling the toxin novichok.

Swiss lab analysis proved otherwise. London continues stonewalling Russia, refusing to answer key questions on the Salisbury incident.

MZ: “We do not see any intention on the part of the UK authorities to disprove false information planted in the media and blatant lies.” 

“(T)his massive propaganda campaign involving all types of media is fully in keeping with London’s anti-Russia strategy.” 

“The UK authorities are actually encouraging the deliberate distortion of facts. It is clear why they are doing this.” 

“If government agencies and (Western) media…decided to get to the bottom of this case, if they started questioning (the official narrative), this would have rocked the European public’s belief in Russia’s alleged involvement.” 

“And the people would have asked the question that should have been addressed to London earlier on in the case: What has really happened at Salisbury?”

It was a US/UK false flag demonizing Russia – followed by the Douma false flag and aftermath.

More of the same is virtually certain to come, likely making a bad situation far worse.

Is East/West confrontation just a matter of time? Is global war unavoidable? Humanity holds its breath fearing the worst.

The lunatic in the White House surrounded and influenced by crazies makes the unthinkable possible.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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