Cheerleading Regime Change in Venezuela

Cheerleading Regime Change in Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Nikki Haley is an imperial emissary – opposing world peace and social justice, promoting wars of aggression and US rage for global hegemony.

Addressing the 48th Annual Conference on the Americas, she focused her venom on Venezuela, reciting one Big Lie after another.

Haley: Venezuela is “having what it calls ‘an election in just a couple of weeks. ‘(V)oting’ on May 20th is being done only to provide a phony cover for a dictator, not to determine the country’s legitimate leadership.”

Fact: Venezuelan social democracy is a hemispheric model – polar opposite America’s fantasy version.

Fact: Democratically elected and reelected Hugo Chavez served from 1999 – 2013. Maduro was democratically elected to succeed him, heading for likely reelection on May 20.

Fact: Venezuela’s electoral process is the world’s best, shaming America’s money-controlled sham process.

Haley: “Venezuela’s economy and civil society has seen a cataclysmic decline under Chavez and Maduro. We have all seen the tragic suffering of the Venezuelan people.”

Fact: Venezuela prospered under Chavez. US political and economic war on the country, notably during Maduro’s tenure, bears full responsibility for dismal economic conditions, exacerbated by low oil prices now rising, well off their lows.

Haley: “A full 90 percent say they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Venezuelans live in conditions today that they haven’t experienced in over 100 years” – disgraceful bald-faced lies.

In 2014 when oil was over $100 a barrel, US economic war drove Venezuela into recession, things worsening as harsh US policies exacerbated hard times, Trump aiming to destroy its economy entirely.

Recovery is unattainable under these conditions. Hyperinflation makes it all the tougher. Venezuelans are suffering, not starving.

Children aren’t “dying of malnutrition,” as Haley falsely claimed. Healthcare isn’t what it was in better times because of shortages of medicines and other supplies, but hospitals are coping as best they can. US waged currency war took its toll.

Haley: “The Venezuelan people no longer have a government. They are the unwilling victims of a criminal narco-state.”

Truth is polar opposite. Haley turned truth on its head, claiming “instability…began (under) Chavez…denying the economic and human rights of its people…”

Extremist geopolitical know-nothing Haley may believe this rubbish. She knows nothing about Venezuela, nothing about its pre-and-post-Bolivarian history, nothing about diplomacy, nothing about what responsible execution of her job is all about.

“Today…Maduro…threatens the peace and security of the entire region,” she roared, sounding buffoon-like.

“Today,” Washington’s rage for global dominance, its endless wars of aggression, its targeting of all sovereign independent nations for regime change threatens everyone everywhere.

Haley supports what free societies condemn. “The United States is helping” Venezuela, she claimed.

US economic aggression wrecked its economy, aiming for another imperial trophy, along with control over its vast oil reserves, the world’s largest.

Haley is a despicable character, a disgrace to the office she holds. Her presidential ambitions should terrify everyone.

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