Media Bashing Venezuelan Election Result

Media Bashing Venezuelan Election Result

By Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Western media have been hostile to Bolivarian social democracy from inception – supporting privileged interests and hardline rule exclusively.

The NYT blames Maduro for economic crisis conditions, causing enormous hardships for its people – ignoring US political and economic war on the country, the main factor behind dire conditions.

The election was scrupulously open, free and fair. The Times falsely claimed otherwise, citing critics saying it was “rigged” for Maduro – a bald-faced lie.

So was claiming the main opposition was banned. MUD chose not to run, explained in a same-day article. The Times lied claiming otherwise.

Saying “(b)rutal repression of anti-government protests, and the arrests of many activists and leaders also weakened the opposition” was another bald-faced lie.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post turned truth on its head, falsely claiming irregularities in a scrupulously open, free and fair election – “condemned internationally as the fortification of a dictatorship” WaPo disgracefully said, adding:

“Critics said that the government has committed fraud to win the past three elections and had predicted that the incumbent would ensure his victory.”

Truth is polar opposite. Venezuela’s electoral process is the world’s best, America’s system a sham.

The Wall Street Journal headlined “Venezuela’s Maduro Wins Re-Election Amid Opposition Boycott – President extends predecessor’s radical leftist movement,” adding:

The “election (was) deemed illegitimate by the opposition and foreign governments, paving the way for heavier (US-led) international sanctions…” 

Here’s a sampling of other hostile media misreporting:

AP News: “Maduro declared winner in disputed Venezuela election.”

Reuters: “Venezuela’s Maduro reelected amid outcry over vote.”

CNN: “(P)olitical opposition and Western powers have denounced (Venezuela’s election) as a sham.”

Fox News: “Maduro declared winner of Venezuelan election decried as a sham.”

ABC News: “Maduro declared winner in disputed Venezuela election.”

CBS News: “Maduro declared winner in disputed Venezuela election.’

NBC News: “Maduro wins Venezuelan election challengers call illegitimate.”

The UK government owned and controlled BBC said “Maduro wins second term amid claims of vote rigging.”

London’s Guardian falsely called the election “illegitimate due to alleged widespread irregularities.”

Al Jazeera: “Venezuela’s Maduro wins presidential vote boycotted by opposition.”

Nicolas was overwhelmingly reelected for another six-year term – despite dire economic conditions, causing enormous hardships for most Venezuelans.

US political and economic war on the country is largely to blame – what media scoundrels fail to explain.

Things will likely worsen following Maduro’s reelection. Washington wants fascist tyranny replacing him.

The Trump administration will surely impose tougher sanctions and other harshness to try achieving what hasn’t been accomplished for nearly two decades.

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