Israel Demands the Right to Brutalize Palestinians with Impunity

Israel Demands the Right to Brutalize Palestinians with Impunity

by Stephen Lendman

Israel mistreats Palestinians ruthlessly. It’s been going on this way for decades, unchallenged by the world community. Its ruling regimes claim appalling high crimes constitute self-defense.

The country’s only enemies are invented ones, no others. When Palestinians demonstrate peacefully or defend themselves from Israeli ruthlessness, they’re called terrorists or accused of incitement.

Ron Dermer is Israel’s ambassador to Washington Post, representing Netanyahu’s Ziofascist extremism.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington disgracefully gave him feature op-ed space to lie – despicably headlining “Stop demonizing Israel for defending itself,” saying:

“Hand it to Hamas. As this week’s events in Gaza showed, the terrorist organization committed to Israel’s destruction can still manipulate the media into demonizing Israel for the legitimate actions it takes to defend itself.”

Fact: Hamas isn’t a terrorist organization. State terrorism defines Israeli ruthlessness.

Fact: Murder, brutality, holding two million Gazans hostage under concentration camp conditions, and other ruthless actions don’t constitute self-defense.

Fact: Mistreating Palestinians the way Hitler brutalized Jews demands demonization, along with tough actions to change things.

Fact: Run by Ziofascist lunatics, Israel isn’t a normal country. It’s an Arab-hating rogue state – at war on Palestinians without declaring it.

Dermer sounds like a modern-day version of Joseph Goebbels. Here’s more of his hateful rhetoric:

“Hamas’s four-step formula for success is by now familiar. First, get a media that is largely hostile toward Israel, simply ignorant or both to ignore Hamas’s genocidal goals and excuse its terrorism.” 

“Second, put Palestinian civilians in harm’s way. Third, force Israel, while defending itself, to kill some of those civilians. Fourth, rely on that same hostile and ignorant media to blame Israel for these deaths.”

Fact: Media scoundrels one-sidedly support Israel, remaining largely silent in response to Israeli state terror against Palestinians at all times, most recently against Gazans since Great March of Return protests began March 30. 

Media criticism followed the pre-Nakba Day massacre – too little, too late to matter, Israel remaining unaccountable for its high crimes, assuring more of the same like always.

Since March 30, countless thousands of Gazans, including entire families, demonstrated peacefully against blockade ruthlessness – enforced solely for political reasons, the world community doing nothing to end what’s too intolerable to accept.

Dermer is a liar. All of his above remarks turned truth on its head – blaming defenseless Palestinians for the Netanyahu regime’s high crimes, unrelated to self-defense.

In 1948, Israel stole 78% of historic Palestine, taking the rest in 1967 – illegal, brutalizing occupation continuing for over half a century, stealing more Palestinian land with each new settlement unit constructed for exclusive Jewish use.

Over 800,000 settlers live on land stolen from their indigenous inhabitants, a high crime against humanity gone unpunished all these years – with no prospect of accountability coming.

A US/Israeli conspiracy prevents it, supported by world community’s failure to condemn it, along with not acting to end what never should have been tolerated since UK Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour’s declaration in a 67-word letter to British Zionist Federation’s Lord Rothschild.

Balfour’s call for establishing a nation for Jews (on stolen Palestinian land) was a high crime against humanity.

Endless conflict, occupation, dispossession, and repression, along with social and cultural fragmentation define conditions for beleaguered Palestinians – over 100 years of suffering, no end of it in sight, the world community dismissive of their rights, supporting Israel at their expense.

Today, over 90% of Palestinians are confined to around 10% of their historic homeland – one of history’s great crimes, over 100 years of unaccountability, an entire people suffering under apartheid viciousness, far worse than earlier South African governance.

Israel controls virtually all aspects of Palestinian life, at its worst in blockaded Gaza – robbing an entire people of their political, economic, religious and cultural rights, brutalized under military occupation.

Oslo was betrayal, a Palestinian Versailles, the so-called peace process a cruel ruse, self-determination out of the question entirely – prohibited by Washington and Israel despite claiming otherwise.

Palestinians are increasingly isolated in ghettoized enclaves, enduring horrific conditions in blockaded Gaza unfit for human habitation.

Trump’s so-called peace plan is status quo occupation viciousness with a face lift, creating the false impression of something different.

Most of its details were leaked earlier, discussed in earlier articles, revisions perhaps following earlier versions, the scheme to be publicly announced in mid-to-late June, according to reports – excluding East Jerusalem as Palestine’s exclusive capital, alone assuring the plan’s unacceptability.

The only equitable solution today is one land for all its people, assuring equal rights for all, diaspora Palestinians allowed to return – two states no longer viable with Israel controlling virtually all of historic Palestine, directly or through PA proxies serving its interests.

Israeli apartheid viciousness won’t end on its own. It has to be pushed by committed, sustained activism, BDS one part of it. 

A whole lot more is needed by Palestinians and their supporters worldwide, refusing to accept the unacceptable, demanding it end, putting time and energy into pursuing long denied justice.

Dermer is part of the problem, a mouthpiece for Israeli ruthlessness. 

Ending occupation harshness demands universal support. It won’t end by wishing it – longterm committed resistance the only way.

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