Another False Flag CW Attack Coming in Syria?

Another False Flag CW Attack Coming in Syria?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Monday, Syria’s military and Russian reconciliation center members in the country found heavy weapons supplied by US-dominated NATO to ISIS and other terrorists, along with gas masks, and other protective gear for use during a CW attack.

According to retired Lebanese General Amin Hteit, the cache suggests preparation for another false flag CW incident to be wrongfully blamed on Syrian forces like earlier ones – used as pretexts for US-led aggression on Syrian military targets.

On Monday, Russian reconciliation center representative Andrei Nekipelov reported discovering US-made Tow-2 anti-tank missiles, machine guns, explosives, gas masks and other gear supplied to anti-government terrorists in western Homs province.

Days earlier, Syrian forces found large amounts of NATO and Israeli weapons supplied to ISIS and other terrorists. Media scoundrels aware of what’s going on suppressed the news – complicit with US-led naked aggression on Syria by their silence, along with blaming government forces for high crimes committed by US-supported terrorists.

Russia’s UN mission warned about chemical terrorism incidents, saying it “repeatedly proposed adopting a UN Security Council resolution or at least a statement by the UN Security Council president, condemning acts of chemical terrorism in Syria and Iraq.”

Washington and its imperial partners rejected the idea, repeatedly making baseless accusations against Syrian forces for CW incidents conducted by terrorists they support – including false flags in Khan Sheikhoun last year and Douma last month.

According to Russia’s UN mission, US-led “Western countries give (terrorists they support) a sense of impunity…encouraging them to use chemical weapons.”

CW terrorism threatens Syria, Iraq, and other regional countries. US-supported terrorists “are using toxic agents with increased frequency. Moreover, they already possess the technical and manufacturing capabilities to produce warfare chemicals in their own right, and established far-reaching supply channels to access precursors,” Russia’s UN mission warned.

Terrorists’ workshops were discovered for making these weapons. As previously explained, Pentagon contractors instruct terrorists on making these weapons in Jordan.

Russia wants an impartial investigative body created for dealing with chemical terrorism.

Washington and its imperial partners want their proxy terrorist fighters continuing to wage CW war.

It’s just a matter of time before the next incident – followed by more US-led aggression on Syrian targets.

CW terrorism is one example of how the scourge of imperialism works, Washington the world’s leading exponent of its ruthlessness.

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