Illegitimate PA President, Enemy of the Palestinian People

Illegitimate PA President, Enemy of the Palestinian People

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Mahmoud Abbas was anointed, not elected, chosen by Israel to be PA president.

Installing him was rigged, Israel wanting a convenient puppet, serving its interests exclusively at the expense of long-suffering Palestinians – a process the late Edward Herman called a “demonstration election,” not the real thing.

In 2005, seven Palestinians contested to become PA president. Mustafa Barghouti alone stood out – a physician, political activist, democracy advocate, human rights champion, and supporter of nonviolent resistance.

While campaigning, he was ruthlessly harassed, intimidated, obstructed, persecuted, arrested, expelled from East Jerusalem, denied access to Nablus, Gaza and elsewhere – an orchestrated campaign, preventing him from becoming president.

Israel got what it wanted, its man in Occupied Palestine, a collaborationist traitor, serving its interests, enforcing its oppression, an illegitimate Judas goat Quisling head of state.

Freezing diplomatic ties with Washington was little more than a cheap stunt, achieving nothing, going nowhere, including refusal to meet with Trump regime officials when they arrive in Israel.

Serving as Israel’s enforcer against his own people shows where Abbas stands – why Israel kept him as PA president. 

Otherwise he’d have been disposed of long ago, likely the way Yasser Arafat was eliminated, killed when not subservient enough. 

Extrajudicial assassinations have been longstanding Israeli policy throughout its history – the way all rogue states operate, America the same way globally over a much longer duration.

Abbas supported three preemptive Israeli wars on Gaza, making him complicit in high crimes of war and against humanity on the Strip. 

He undermined multiple rounds of Fatah/Hamas reconciliation talks, enforced toughness on the Strip, compounded severe humanitarian crisis conditions by refusing to pay for Israeli electricity or the tax on fuel for Gaza’s power plant.

He cut salaries of Strip staff, denied medical treatment for seriously ill Gazans given permission to receive it in the West Bank, failing as well to provide vital medicines and other medical supplies, contributing to the collapse of Gaza’s health sector, unable to handle thousands of injuries caused by Israeli forces, especially serious ones.

On Wednesday, PA security forces violently suppressed Palestinian demonstrators in Ramallah, protesting against indifference by Abbas and his Israeli-collaborationist cronies to Gazan suffering and deprivation.

According to the Quds News Network, “PA security forces haven’t fired a single tear gas canister or bullets at Israeli forces raiding Palestinian neighborhoods,” adding: 

“Today they used those means against peaceful Palestinian protesters in Ramallah who demanded…Abbas…lift (unacceptably harsh) measures imposed on” Gaza.

Hundreds of Palestinians were involved – activists, students, journalists, and others brutally treated.

Israel considers peaceful Palestinian protestors guilty of terrorism and/or incitement. Abbas operates the same way, banning legitimate demonstrations.

Palestinian civil society groups called his policy “illegal, unconstitutional and a violation of citizens’ rights to gather peacefully and express their opinions.”

Israel systematically denies Palestinians their fundamental rights. So does the Abbas-led PA, enforcing what demands opposition, benefitting from special privileges gotten, serving its Israeli master, exacerbating Palestinian suffering.

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