US-Orchestrated Rape of Yemen

US-Orchestrated Rape of Yemen

by Stephen Lendman

The country is strategically important, the rights and welfare of its people ignored in pursuit of US imperial interests.

For years, Yemenis have been victimized by US drone war. Since March 2015, Saudi-led terror-bombing ravaged the country, aided by US target selection, intelligence, and logistical support.

What’s at stake in Yemen? The country has about four billion proved barrels of oil reserves and modest amounts of natural gas, hardly a reason for war. 

Most important is its strategic location near the Horn of Africa on Saudi Arabia’s southern border.

The key Bab al-Mandeb strait chokepoint separating Yemen from Eritrea connects the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Persian Gulf to the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea – matching the Suez Canal in importance.

Millions of barrels of oil and other maritime trade shipments pass daily along these shipping lanes, why controlling them is so important to Washington, the West, and their regional allies, its oil producing countries and Israel.

Shipping lanes are important for commercial and military purposes. Washington and its imperial allies want Russia, China, Iran and other adversaries prevented from controlling Yemen and adjacent waterways.

The Obama regime orchestrated Saudi-led terror war in Yemen. The US is directly involved with special forces on the ground, together with UK, French and regional ones, Houthi fighters formidably resisting their aggression.

Weapons supplied by Washington and other Western countries to Riyadh, the UAE and coalition partners permit endless fighting to continue.

War and blockade created the world’s gravest humanitarian crisis. Congress can go a long way toward ending conflict by voting against arms sales to the Saudis and its allies.

Too few congressional profiles in courage support the idea, nor ending US aggression in Afghanistan, Syria and its other war theaters.

Waging peace instead of war isn’t what Washington’s imperial agenda is all about. It’s rage for dominance and war on humanity threaten everyone.

Two right wings comprise America’s war party. The business of the nation is war, ongoing endlessly in multiple theaters, shunning peace and stability, glorifying its agenda, suppressing its harm to so many.

Fierce Houthi resistance continues in Yemen, Saudi-led forces unable so far to capture Hodeidah, its airport or seaport.

On Monday, Southfront reported the following:

“The Houthis…repelled all the Saudi-UAE-led attacks, inflicting significant casualties casualties to the attackers.”

Houthi fighters “carried out a series of operations in the area south of Hodeidah, attacking supply lines of the coalition’s striking force…”

“If the Houthis find resources to isolate the coalition’s group near Hodeidah further…the Saudi-UAE-backed advance on the port city will end as a total failure.”

A wildcard is whether Washington intends greater direct involvement in the Hodeidah campaign, aiming to accomplish what Saudi and UAE forces haven’t so far been able to do on their own.

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