My Remarks to Iranian Media

My Remarks to Iranian Media

Interviewed on Friday, below are my remarks to questions asked:

The state of democracy in the US is deplorable, the way it’s always been from inception. America’s founders deplored the notion, wanting the country run by and for its privileged class exclusively.

Today America is permanently at war at home and abroad, harming its most disadvantaged citizens, residents, and unwanted aliens. 

The late George Carlin explained the American dream, saying you have to be asleep to believe it.

Government and the courts in America at the federal, state and local levels serve privileged interests exclusively.

Police, the FBI and other security forces enforce hardline policies, protecting monied interests from beneficial social change.

Fundamental freedoms and the remnants of social justice in the country are fast eroding en route to disappearing altogether.

Federal laws enacted post-9/11 transformed the country into a police state.

Blacks, Latinos, other people of color, and Muslims are persecuted in America. I’ve written much on killer cops, including in my own city of Chicago where a virtual torture facility is operated, what I called Gitmo in the city.

What’s going on is exploiting the nation’s most vulnerable, policies benefitting privileged Americans. It amounts to a zero-sum game – less for ordinary people so wealthy and powerful ones can increase their wealth and power.

The Trump regime is infested with hawkish neocon extremists, a dismal low point in US governance.

Its JCPOA pullout is one of many examples along with endless wars against multiple countries – why it’s virtually certain that responsible change in US relations with North Korea, Russia, China, Iran and other sovereign independent countries won’t happen.

Bipartisan neocon extremists run America, undemocratic Dems as ruthless as Republicans. Rhetoric alone separates the agendas of both right wings of US duopoly governance – agreeing on major issues including permanent imperial wars, corporate favoritism and police state harshness on resisters.

Washington under both parties has ZERO interest in human rights anywhere, including at home. Rhetoric otherwise is phony.

US policies speak for themselves, waging endless war on humanity at home and abroad.


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